Holiday in Coorg, Karnataka – Refresh and Rejuvenate

Alas! I was done with all my work and a long weekend was coming up. We friends started planning for mind-blowing holiday. Everyone had their inputs and we decided to take the majority opinioned destination for our upcoming holiday. We are not interested to spend a lot of time driving and also are in real need to spend some time amidst nature. Then the idea of visiting Coorg came up, one of the magnificent destinations in the Malnad region of Karnataka. It was the appropriate choice made by all the friends in unison.

We all started planning the itinerary for the holiday. When to start and from where to start, then decided to leave Bangalore early morning to avoid the hectic morning office hours traffic. The major part of the holiday planning was choosing a right accommodation and the best place in Coorg. For obvious reasons we were skeptic in finding the best place to stay. Then we chose to stay in a homestay in Coorg that is located right at the heart of 300 Acres of Coffee and Tea plantation.

The journey started from Indiranagar in Bangalore and ended at Virajpet in Coorg. We all loved the drive from Bangalore to Coorg, lovely terrains filled with greenery and breeze made us all the more rejuvenated before reaching our holiday destination. We had our holiday booked at the homestay in Coorg for 4 nights and 5 days. We were glad and mesmerized when we reached the destination. It was all green and it was all that nature spoke and we silently listened. The waterfalls, hills, valley, plantations and the mist made us float in the real paradise. We all spent our holiday very meaningfully exploring the places as well as relaxing in the green woods. That was our best ever holiday experience!!!! Waiting for a holiday to pack our cases to visit Malnad once again…

Thirthahalli – Explore the Eco Diversity of Malnad

Many travel enthusiasts are not aware of this tiny place in Karnataka called as Thirthahalli. The destinations you have explored already may have given you a memorable experience. But try visiting Thirthahalli for your next holiday or weekend. This taluk headquarters is in the shimoga district of Karnataka. You might have heard about Agumbe, ‘The Chirapunji of the South’. Thirthahalli is pretty closer to Agumbe and Jog Falls in Karnataka. You can visit both these places along with many other historical and sightseeing places.

You must be wondering where to reside while visiting Thirthahalli for your holiday. There are quite a good number of homestays and resorts in Thirthahalli. There are also resorts and eco study center that can help you rejuvenate yourself. Thirthahalli is at drivable distance from all major cities of Karnataka connected by NH 13. The roads to all the homestays and sightseeing places are also equally good. You can find these information online and also plan your itinerary with the travel experts or holiday planners like Travel Malnad. The greatest advantage of shopping online for any product is we can have a better idea about the nuances of facilities and other amenities in the homestays and resorts.

Once your holiday is confirmed or travel dates are finalized you can place online reservation inquiry for any of the homestays in Thirthahalli and reserve your accommodation. You might be travelling from any part of the globe. Our travel portal helps you plan your holiday in malnad and reserve the right accommodation as per your requirements and budget. There will be no tension for travelers with the confirmation that their accommodation is reserved. Reservation is required because these days the traffic of tourists to Thirthahalli has increased with awareness of its splendid natural beauty among travelers.

How to reach Thirthahalli:

By Air: The nearest airport is at Mangalore (140 km), Bangalore (330 km).
By Rail: The nearest railway station is Shimoga (55 km). Mangalore (140 Kms).
By Road:Thirthahalli is well connected by roadways with all major cities in Karnataka. Cities like Shimoga (75 km), Mangalore (140km), Bangalore (330 km)) are linked by roadways with Thirthahalli.

Distance to Thirthahalli from major Cities:

Bangalore – 330 KMs
Hassan – 180 KMs
Chikmagalur – 110 KMs
Shimoga – 55 KMs
Mangalore – 140 KMs
Mysore – 304 Kms

Homestays in Chikmagalur – For Adventure and Rejuvenation

Travelling is one of the most celebrated pastimes for human beings. From centuries the tradition of going on a holiday or spending time exploring new lands has been the trend. We all are aware that accommodation and transportation is the most crucial elements that one has to plan while visiting a destination. Today the world has shrinked to one small place to live with the advanced development of science and technology.

You do not have to walk out to the offices or booking desks of hotels to book your holiday. You can book your choice of accommodation sitting at home and visit the destination least bothered about accommodation. Internet has made things easy for the travel planners. Today you can book homestay in chikmagalur sitting before your computer in Kashmir or Kanyakumari. All you need is an internet connection and a few minutes to spare online.

Homestays in Chikmagalur offers a perfect blend of adventure and rejuvenating experience for travelers. Ultimately that’s what a traveler needs, a clam place, a serene locality and an opportunity to explore in and around of the destination. You can select your choice of homestay in Chikmagalur using the facility online and make a reservation prior to your visit. The reservation of accommodation can be done months prior to your visit.