Holiday Season has begun in Coorg! Book a Homestay or Resort

Hurray!!! The season for travel has begun in Coorg. The terrain of Coorg which is a typical example of Malnad region is green throughout the year. The season for travel is not restricted in this magnificent destination. Although the above lines say that you can travel to Coorg in any season we stress those holiday planners who have not traveled yet to plan in the months of Winter and Post Monsoon and Early Summer. The temperature will be moderate during the day and chill in the night. Witness the misty woods and hills of Coorg and enjoy the bliss of nature.

The temperature in Coorg is moderate entire year and during rainy season it rains and has its own beauty to offer for travelers. As stated earlier the December and season after that will have bright sunlight and chill climate in Kodagu. There are several holiday places that travelers can include in their travel itinerary to Coorg. Most of the places in Coorg can offer the splendid beauty of Nature. The resorts and homestays of Coorg are located in exotic places and offer a palpable hospitality experience of Malnad region in Karnataka.

The homestays in Coorg that are located even in interior places can be located by even the first time visitor. Thanks to the advent and development of web media which has extensively helped travelers across the globe to relish the ethnicity of Coorg in Karnataka. There are different types of homestays categorized as Heritage, Standard, Deluxe… These properties are categorized on the basis of ambience and hospitality service offered to the guests.

While there are so many homestays there is also equally competent number of resorts in Kodagu. These resorts are located in Hill Station, Valley Views, Back Waters… The tastes and preference of every travel is unique. All you need is a custom designed holiday package while visiting one of these resorts in Coorg. Those who are residing in Karnataka or any part of the globe can book a resort in Coorg using Travel Malnad booking facility.

Holiday Packages in Karnataka – Designed to cater best vacations

There was a time when you ask anyone where are you going for holidays? The answer was, we are visiting our grandparents or friends house. But today, on an average more than 50% of the working or corporate section of the society spends their leisure holidaying in an exotic destination. The need for relaxation and break from the work life is evident in the increase of travelers or tourists. The people who need rejuvenation or adventure experience can visit Karnataka, which is popularly called as one state and many worlds.

The state of Karnataka has a rich cultural and traditional history in the Southern India. The kings and emperors who ruled Karnataka has certain marked several places to exhibit their glory which is indirectly manifested as the tourist destination of today. The Hampi, Belur, Halebidu, Udupi, Kavaledurga, Kodachadri are some of the places which are renowned as historical places in Karnataka. Added to these features the tourism industry is grown since there are several industries that have invested in the hospitality sector. The result is the leisure resorts in Karnataka that exist today in different parts of the state.

The concept of homestay is also quiet popular among the travelers to Karnataka. Most of these homestays in Karnataka are located amidst the estates or plantations in rural places. They are the example of hospitality services that cater ethnicity and feast of typical lifestyle for the guests. You can go for a village walk, see how paddy cultivation happens, work on coffee or areca processing etc. You will be engaged in activities that are different to your mundane work habits. The holiday packages in Karnataka are designed exclusively for those who need a complete refreshing experience during a break in their busy work schedule

Homestays in Chikmagalur – Exotic and Ethnic

The perspective of the traveler has changed a lot over the years. Today, it is not just seeking a holiday from your employer but spending the same time effectively by holidaying in a exotic destination. The travel enthusiasts have switched to choose homestay accommodation not just to have an experience of the culture and ethnicity but also to try typical cuisines. The options to choose holidays has also increased manifold with creative holiday planners or tour promoters.

The homestay in Chikmagalur has picked up in terms of offering quality hospitality and experience of ethnicity for the traveler. You might be a software engineer, lecturer, businessmen, house wife, architect or anybody, Chikmagalur in Malnad region has the best nature experience for you to offer. The terrains of this region are splendid and beyond your imagination. Choose these homestays in Chikmagalur after spending ample time on travel portal like

The homestays can offer family, honeymoon, group packages for the travelers as per their individual requirements. The holiday planner is designed as per the duration of stay, expectation of adventure and rejuvenation. The homestays in Chikmagalur has it all that you name as the important needs during holidaying. The places are fully secured and you will be given utmost personal attention while you are holidaying in a homestay.

Homestays in Karnataka in Southern India

Today the number of North Indians visiting Southern part of India for holiday has increased as opposed to the past. What could be the sole reason? Awareness? Cheap fares? Better Accessibility? Number of elements comes to the mind of a traveler. The most important factor is online accessibility for properties or destination that travelers can explore in Southern India. Those who are planning for a Holiday in Karnataka can plan the same sitting at their home.

Homestays in Karnataka are largely liked by travelers of today because of a sole reason that they can experience the ethnicity. The homestays offer you a better scope to understand the local tradition, lifestyle and cuisine. Also the feel at home hospitality provided by the homestays is an incredible option for travelers who are bored of same hotel room experience. These homestays are available at affordable cost without any compromise with the facilities.

How to book a homestay in Karnataka? The reason for skepticism among travelers during booking a holiday is obvious. They might have had a bad experience or wrong recommendations. It is always advisable for travelers to take well planned or tailored packages as per the individual requirements. To do so you require an expert advice. That is where Travel Malnad comes to your rescue in choosing the best homestay in Karnataka. The packages are custom made and are done only after understanding your specific requirements.