Homestay in Malnad – You will love the way nature can touch!

Malnad region in Karnataka is a famous choice for those tourists and travel enthusiasts who love to spend time in the greenery. The word Malnad or Malenaadu is Kannada word meaning Male as Forest and Naadu as Land. In other words Malnad can be called as the land of forests. Yes it is apparent that Malnad region is full of greenery, river, waterfalls, hills, valleys, estates and plantations. People visit Malnad region to experience the blissfulness and rejuvenating power of Mother Nature.

Several thousands of travelers visit Malnad every from different parts of India and abroad to witness the magnificence nature. Those who spend their time working round the clock schedules and stressful projects can certainly find Malnad a escape to nature. The famous punch line of Travel Malnad goes like this Getaway to nature and unwind yourself. Yes, you can unwind yourself relaxing in the nature of malnad region.

Malnad is well connected in roadways and railways from all major cities of India. Plan a holiday in one of the homestay in malnad and relish the custom, traditions, lifestyle, cuisines, heritage… of Malenadu region. The first question that comes to the minds of travelers is Where to stay?whenever they are planning their holiday. In Karnataka’s malnad region there are many homestays and finding the right type package that can best suit one’s individual requirements can be tiresome. Though there are many homestays, the task of choosing a place with unbiased review assistance is made easy at Travel Malnad.

The speciality of homestay in Malnad is it is a perfect homely experience offered for the room guests. More than being a customer, the room guests are treated as host’s own friends and family. That tinge of warm hospitality certainly is going to make a lot of difference in your holiday experience as opposed to a highway side hotel. People come back to homestays sometimes not for sightseeing but to enjoy the warm hospitality extended by the host families who are natives of that area.

Added to all these are there a lot of sightseeing places in Malnad that can be explored by travelers. The places can be equally divided to parts as adventure, rejuvenation, natural wonders, entertainment… How would one plan an effective itinerary while coming to Malnad region? Well, as already stated, the holiday planners by Travel Malnad is appreciated and enjoyed by many travelers who are visiting malnad for relaxation and adventure in combo. Speak to the expert planner at Travel Malnad and learn more about the things to do and places to visit while staying at a quality homestay in malnad. Call 09480595888 for information about malnad homestays in Karnataka.

Homestay Hospitality Services in Coorg

There is a great love for greener destinations among the corporate and people who work round the clock in big cities and need breaks. The reason for getaway for nature is very simple, pursuit of solace, rejuvenation and adventure. Nature Lover’s will be thrilled to come to Coorg, one of the most popular hill stations in Karnataka. Hills, valleys, streams, estates, plantations, back waters, name anything related to nature its seen in Coorg or Kodagu in Karnataka.

People come to Coorg and stay for a short period of time and also sometimes as weekend getaways. There are several types of accommodations in Coorg for travelers that can best suit their individual requirements. Homestays in Coorg can be easily accessed and compared with rates, facilities and other details using online service at Travel Malnad. The portal offers some exclusive packages for families and friends visiting Coorg and expecting hygienic, quality and exotic homestays.

The homestays of Coorg are very popular because of their simplicity and warm hospitality extended for the guests. The room guests are not just going to enjoy typical cuisines of Malnad at a homestay but also will get introduced to the lifestyle and traditions of Kodagu. The packages are custom designed in case of special requirement and the itinerary will be organized to help travelers enjoy their trip with a gootd time management.

An important notification for all travelers visiting Coorg is they need to take prior reservation of rooms. Since the destination is visited by travelers across India it is advised for travelers book a homestay in Coorg prior to the arrival to avoid last minute congestion. Most of the weekends are used to full house in homestays and travelers can reserve the rooms online at Travel Malnad. Take a package, book your holiday and spend your leisure meaningfully at Coorg in Karnataka.

Resorts in Karnataka – Holiday packages for this summer

Summer is coming and it’s time to look for cooler destinations as a retreat from the hot season. Have you visited Karnataka? If not try this summer in Karnataka, it’s green, cool and has many things to offer for travelers. There are hill stations, valleys, coffee estates, plantations in Karnataka and this offer a very cool climate for travelers who are searching for a summer retreat. The malnad region in Karnataka is more popular for its green terrains and cool climate.

Resorts in Karnataka is in themselves a holiday retreat for the tourists since they offer activities, adventure trips, therapy centers, spa. Those who are coming with their family will have a great fun spending time in one of the luxurious resorts of Karnataka. Nature lovers should choose stay in the malnad belt or Western Ghats region in Karnataka. The summer holiday packages in resorts are fun filled and with lot of features to rejuvenate the tourists.

There are several resorts in Karnataka and one needs prudent choosing capabilities to book a proper resort facility. The online resorts in Karnataka have given far superior facilities for travelers to have an unbiased comparison before making a booking. The portal like Travel Malnad are serving thousands of travelers every year in choosing a right holiday option and spending time and money in a much more worthier way. Book a holiday at Travel Malnad and get attractive holiday packages in Karnataka.

Coorg Homestays and Cottages

Holiday experience is always memorable for those visiting Coorg in Karnataka, one of the most popular hill stations in south India. The holiday in Coorg can be one of the most memorable experiences for travelers. The cottages and homestays in Coorg are located in the valleys, coffee estates, plantation and give the best natural ambience. The best homestays in Coorg can be shopped online at Travel Malnad and booked without any hassles.

Homestays in Coorg are unique in terms of the hospitality, cuisines, services… offered for the room guests. People from all walks of life have enjoyed the serenity of homestays in Coorg. The rooms are equipped with basic utilities and hygienic. A traveler will not expect more than hygiene, good location, quality rooms, tasty food and warm hospitality which is offered at the homestays. The homestays are located interior, close to city and also ear to sightseeing places.

Coorg homestays listed under travel malnad are one of the best rated homestays in Karnataka and travelers are guaranteed value for the money service. The reservation of homestays online is required to avoid last minute congestion during weekends and holiday seasons. Travelers at travel malnad can book their choice of homestay by comparing quotes and selecting a place as per their requirements. Reservation vouchers and payment receipts are sent online and travelers can print them while going to the homestay.

Thirthahalli Homestay Experience in Karnataka

Guest Name: Pankaj Arora
Place: Coimbatore, India
Holiday Place: Thirthahalli, Karnataka

I am a photography enthusiast from Coimbatore and I keep travelling within India and abroad. Last month I visited a unique holiday destination in Karnataka and spent a good 7 days of my holidays enjoying the nature, greenery, birds and rivers around. All these beautiful terrains are encountered in Thirthahalli, one of the most beautiful destinations of Malnad. I did a lot of photography alongside enjoying the activities, cuisines and locations.

Our team, I, my wife and my aunt had travelled to Thirthahallii all the way from Coimbatore. The journey was quite exciting and we all liked the better connectivity to the regions in Karnataka. We took the help of Travel Malnad who master designed our package with an attractive itinerary exclusively for us. This tailor made package helped us save a lot of time and energy as well as our money. The quick response and advice by travel malnad helped me a lot to visit a place which I had not even seen on the maps.

There are very beautiful and well maintained homestays in Thirthahalli that are located in scenic locations. A prudent traveler will take assistance by an expert at travel malnad and select the right accommodation type and package for the Thirthahalli visit. I came to know about travel malnad guys through my friend and was fully satisfied with all the service, care, information and overview rendered to us while visiting Thirthahalli.

Thirthahalli homestays have a specialty in their hospitality and it is witnessed by us since we stayed at two different places during our visit. They were very cordial and I felt I was at my home or my grandma’s home. I could access the kitchen as and when I loved to prepare my tea and these small courtesy extended to us was appreciated. The cook was also very friendly and took our menu prior to the preparation. Overall, the visit to Thirthahalli was one of my best holiday experiences till date.

Visit a homestay in Chikmagalur to experience the ethnicity

I’m a manager at a leading insurance company in India. I live in Mumbai working round the clock shifts, handling clients, meeting, travelling to different offices… My tight work schedule always demanded a break and a getaway to a silent place somewhere far in the green woods or plantations. I took a week long break last month and headed towards Karnataka. I found a beautiful place in the lap of nature tucked in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. My holiday was perfect and whatever I expected was less since I got a lot more thrilling experience.

I always love home cooked food and hospitality of a homestay wherever I travel within India. My travel partners in Karnataka Travel Malnad came up with very effective itinerary which helped me refresh and relax in the lap of nature. It was superb! I landed in Bangalore and hired a cab towards Chikmagalur. As our Innova drove through the hills and green terrains I was already rejuvenated. Seeing greenery is very comforting to human mind. When reached the homestay in Chikmagalur I was all the more at home and relaxing.

The expectations we had were very limited before all the facilities and warmth offered by the homestay. I loved it! Every day was comforting and rejuvenating for the mind and soul. I went for long walks and cycling and it gave me a very special experience being amidst the nature. My wife also enjoyed thoroughly, the gardens, recipes, customs… The home made wine served to us at night was a appetite teaser and accordingly we were served a sumptuous food. Hey pals, visit homestays in Chikmagalur, they are special, luxurious and welcomes you open armed.

Homestay in Shimoga – Malnad Hospitality

Shimoga is also pupulary called as the heart of Malnad region in Karnataka. This place has rich history, heritage and tradition that a traveler can enjoy while visiting Shimoga. The famous Jog Falls, Yaana, Kodachadri, Kundadri, Agumbe… all come in this beautiful malnad district. There are many sightseeing places and abundant activities for travelers to complete while as a visitor in Malnad region. Shimoga also hails some of the famous artists, poets, playwrights, politicians, educationists…

The tourists coming to Shimoga must be aware that there are top quality home stays in the area and one can spend time and money meaningfully. The homestays in Shimoga are located in such a way that they offer good hospitality and at the same time closer to sightseeing places. There are many homestays and shopping at Travel Malnad helps travelers understand the rates, facilities, location, reviews, features…

Book a homestay in Shimoga and spend time on the river bank going for a walk or in the estates doing bird watching. The food offered in the homestays will be unique and purely ethnic of the place. Try the typical mouth watering malnad cuisines at the homestay and enjoy the breeze from the river side. It is advised to book Shimoga homestays well in advance during weekends and festival seasons to avoid last minute congestions.

Homestay facility in Chikmagalur – Book Online

Are you planning a holiday trip to Chikmagalur in Malnad region??? There are attractive holiday packages for those who want to explore the magnificent grandeur of natural beauty in Chikmagalur. There are several places that are appreciated as some of the best sightseeing places by Indian and international travelers coming to Karnataka. Chikmagaur is also a known hill station and perfect getaway for people who need a break from their busy work life.

Human mind and body demands rest and rejuvenation and Chikmagalur welcomes all travelers with open arms to relax in the lap of Mother Nature. The beauty of any place is enhanced with the facilities, connectivity and service offered for the travelers. Chikmagalur is well connected by roadways and railways. Travelers can choose accommodation in one of the best homestays in chikmagalur and spend their time exploring the beauty of nature.

The specialty of staying at a homestay is simply superb because of its homely atmosphere along with high standard amenities offered. The hosts of a homestay are like the messengers of the local tradition, food habits, lifestyle, culture, heritage… for the travelers who are new to the area. The visitors will experience the bliss of being part of the nature’s bounty by staying in a homestay and taking a coffee estate walk, visit to the stream, trekking the hills…

The rooms are available as double occupancy for the travelers or at some places it is also available as multiple sharing for the travelers. There are many homestays in Chikmagalur and finding the best one is made easy with the expert holiday planners of Travel Malnad. Plan your holiday in chikmagalur by effectively comparing homestays online and selecting them online. The choice is yours and the holiday package with Travel Malnad is designed with a taste for catering best service.

Holiday in the beautiful hill station of Karnataka

The hill stations in Karnataka give you a splendid experience of the vivacity of the nature. Staying amidst the greenery is a fun in itself and can be relaxing to the mind and soul. Coorg is one of the famous hill station in Karnataka that people love to visit for adventure, photography, rejuvenation and as a getaway from the busy work life. There are many places of interest in Coorg for the travelers and the itinerary can be planned for a good number of days with a combination of adventure and rejuvenation.

A lot of travelers come to Coorg for the hill station experience as well as to relish the Kodagu cuisines. Everyone love nature for one or the reason and spending your quality time with your family in the lush green environs is still more exciting. There are good quality homestays in Coorg which offer a complete combo package for travelers with a zest to explore nature and do adventure amidst the nature. There are many homestays and a prudent traveler will always choose to compare online with facilities as provided by Travel Malnad.

The homestays in coorg has uniqueness in the hospitality industry. The food, hospitality, amenities… provided at a homestay with a intent of giving a homely experience for the traveler and his family. The rates and facilities can be varying and the same could be understood by speaking to a expert travel advisor at Travel Malnad. The insights to the place and property where a tourist is going to stay will help one to make an informed choice while taking a holiday package.

The online service at Travel Malnad is one of the most unbiased travel services offered for the Indian and international travelers who are planning a visit to Coorg. Homestays in Coorg are constructed with a motto of giving quality hospitality and at the same time make travelers understand the local cuisine, lifestyle, food habits, culture… Book a homestay in coorg and feel the most beautiful experience of spending your holiday in the hill station of Karnataka.

A journey to the malnad region in Karnataka

Writing a travelogue is always been a favourite pastimes for the internet savvy travelers of the latest millennium. Drawing all the loose threads together and writing a descriptive narration of any place can be a challenging job. This chunk of a travelogue will speak about the place in Karnataka known for its greenery, the malnad region, which is very well known for its, coffee estates, plantation trails and other natural terrains. It can be difficult for the reader to hold the palpable pictures of the grandeur of malnad region and its rich habitat unless they visit, but the article is focused to introduce travelers to this mesmerizing holiday destination in Karnataka.

Poets, writers, playwrights and other literary figures have fallen in love with the enticing beauty of Malnad region. A connoisseur will surely love this magnificent natural beauty which speaks a history of several hundred years of the rulings of palegars, sultans, kings… Yes, its Malenadu or the anglicized version malnad region in Karnataka which drives a several thousands of travelers to this destination, popularly called as the green paradise of Karnataka.

The growing travelling crowd has encouraged the mushrooming of several homestays and resorts business in malnad region. Those travelers who would like to spend their holiday amidst the lush greenery and indulge in adventure activities deep in the nature can choose malnad as a holiday destination. There are many places in this region which have a historical background and the heritage of monuments made by Kings and Palegars in Karnataka. It can be one of the choices to stay at resorts in Karnataka which is located in the estate or plantations of malnad region and enjoy your holiday while visiting with friends or family.

A journey to malnad region is a worth visit for travelers who love nature, serenity, tranquillity, adventure, history and heritage. The latest trend that has swept across the malnad region’s hoteliers, businessmen, industrialists… is to open a sumptuous homestay right amidst the thick green terrains with providing modern amenities for travelers. The homestays in Karnataka from malnad region caters travelers to understand the local cuisines, tradition, lifestyle, customs, history and agricultural activities. Book a homestay or resort in malnad at Travel Malnad with an expert advice on the itinerary and other intricate details that are essential for any traveler.