Thirthahalli a tiny town with wonders around

The travel experiences could be distinctive and can create inspiring moments during the sojourn. One of the tiny and calm township in the Karnataka state of India is Thirthahalli. Majority would think where this place could be or there are who have already explored this place and relished the serenity and tranquility. This is a taluk headquarters that falls in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The large natural landscapes with hills, water streams and estates make this place all the more soothing for those who drive down to Thirthahalli.

Once you step foot in this magnificent holiday destination in Karnataka, you will be welcomed by the statues of famous personalities of this area. Two people whom you can quickly think of are Kuvempu, national laureate and Kadidal Manjappa, former chief minister of Karnataka. The life size statues of these two great men of thirthahalli stand proud on two junctions that deviate to different places. There is no doubt that once you enter this tiny enchanting town which you can imagine the ‘malgudi town’ as written by R K Narayan. You would say ‘Wah, why not all township be like this?”.

You have nature close by and at the time you are not very far from the town or inaccessible for the essential for you and your family. Once you start indulging in exploring the places around, Thirthahalli will unfold mystic, historic and natural wonders. There are many sightseeing places in and around Thirthahalli that are clearly depicting how the rich history of Karnataka has combined this place because the ruling palegars and kings of this area. Once home of national laureate Kuvempu is now a monument and the village is like a model place for literary activities. There are a lot of people gather here for different literary programs and conventions.

Where to stay while travelling in Thirthahalli? Answer is, today the growing traveler footfall has encouraged local estate owners as well as outside hoteliers to construct homestays, resorts and hotels in Thirthahalli. You mention any budget of rooms, you find at Thirthahalli. Though it is unbelievable, we experience some of the best holiday experiences staying at homestays in Thirthahalli. These are the places that will give you an ethnic and typical lifestyle experience at the same time help you understand the local cuisines and food habits.

There is another section of travelers who are comfortable staying at resorts and hotels or having some activities within the premises, like boating, fishing and cycling. We suggest you to stay at resorts in Thirthahalli which can provide accommodation, food and some activities if you don’t want to travel much during the day and just laze and relish the beauty of estates and the river. There is a huge scope for those people who are interested in bird watching and photography. Speak to our customer support and seek advice on the possibilities of conducting these activities safely and at appropriate places. If there are any queries related to travel, accommodation, activities and holiday packages you can log on to our travel portals and

Homestays in Karnataka – Best Deals

There are a lot of places which are well known for the historical significance as well as wonders of nature located in Karnataka. People planning their holiday in South India can find a lot of places to visit in Karnataka. There are many people who also would be planning to try the typical lifestyle in the area they are living. For them we recommend homestays in Karnataka that are located amidst the plantation or estates.

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Thirthahalli Homestays Travelogue

We are a group of nature lovers and likeminded companions who travel to different locations in search of wonders of nature. Then we came across this tiny little wonderful taluk in Karnataka called as Thirthahalli. Well, to start with it, we need some introduction. This is a place ruled by Kings and Palegars and has some of the nicest historical places in and around to visit and spend hours watching the beauty of the architecture.

Since we were all with family members we do not wanted to take up any camping adventure in Thirthahalli. We would do it next time without miss because Thirthahalli has become our favorite destination now among the list of places. You would find this exaggeration but trust me we all planned for 3 nights initially but thirthahalli held us for 2 more nights and we pushed 5 nights stay at homestays in Thirthahalli. We switched from one homestay to the other in 5 nights stretch and had equally amazing food and accommodation experience at both the places.

The expert guide organized by our travel organizer, travel malnad took us for a long trekking inside the forests in Thirthahalli. It was a great experience all together and many of my friends in the team started making notes to write a detailed travelogue in coming days. We will be posting it on Travel Malnad blog section and you can start spreading the information to travel enthusiasts in your circle. There are many sightseeing places in closest distance from homestay in thirthahalli which makes your holiday more enjoyable. Keep warm cloths, boots, binoculars, cameras, sun caps, skull caps, sports shoes… while visiting Thirthahalli. For more information on Thirthahalli accommodation you can contact 09480595888 or 9480565888.


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