Thirthahalli Holiday Packages

Visit Thirthahalli, a tiny Taluk headquarters located in the Western Ghats belt in Karnataka. You can visit many places that are known for embracing nature and history in Karnataka. The sightseeing places have an affluent recognition from historians, photographers, nature lovers, biologists, herpetologists… from India and abroad. Many renowned news channels like BBC and CNN have traveled these areas covering the rich flora and fauna.

If you take 2 hours driving down the ghats in the agumbe which is just 27 Kms from Thirthahalli you can reach coastal belt of Karnataka. So when you are planning a long holiday why not splitting days for nature and beach to spend time refreshing and rejuvenating. Besides all these wonders, Thirthahalli is a place of literary giants like Kuvempu, U R Ananthmurthy and many other poets and writers. Spend a day visting the ancestral home of Poet Laureate Kuvempu.

There are many options for accommodation for travelers coming to Thirthahalli. There are a quite a good number of homestays and resorts available for guests. The rooms at the homestays in Thirthahalli can be compared and booked online. It takes only a few minutes for you to compare free quotes and book holiday online. There are many types of packages available for visitors coming to Thirthahalli. Call our travel experts at 09480595888 and book online.

Nature Holiday Packages in Karnataka

Mother Nature is always a greatest healer and has the enchanting effect on human beings. There are many places that are popular for nature holidays in Karnataka. Choosing the best places is not an easy task. One needs to evaluate the facilities available like accommodation, connectivity, itinerary… These things can be easily decided by shopping online at a one stop shop like travel chords. Get free quotes and select the package that can best suit your requirements.

There are many places to holiday in Karnataka that are known for the rich natural and beautiful landscapes and sightseeing places. When you are coming for a holiday there are homestays in Karnataka that can be affordable and give better features for travellers. There are other types of accommodation like hotels and resorts that are equally good at locations. All types of accommodation can be compared online and booked without any hassles at Travel Chords.

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Summer holidays at Thirthahalli

The township in Karnataka, Thirtahalli famous for its poets, playwrights and novelists is now also a popular tourism destination. The domestic traveller footfall has increased over the past couple of years. Once you are away from the crowded city life and reached Thirthahalli you can imagine the immense soothing effect you will have on your mind and soul at the peaceful localities in and around this small Taluk headquarters in Karnataka.

Lot of travelers who were not sure whether they selected the right destination have found the importance of making the choice when they reached the destination. This would sound a bit exaggerated but the fact is the sightseeing places that are in and around Thirthahalli are simply the best and have been loved by elders and kids alike. There are many waterfalls, sand beaches (river), hills for trekking, areca and rubber estates, rivulets, water streams… for soaking yourself in the beauty of nature.

The homestays in Thirthahalli offer a decent and affordable holiday packages for travellers. Custom designed packages can be made as per the travel requirements of the visitors. Get a free quote comparison opportunity by logging on to There is a rating facility which can give you a fair idea on the quality of the property which is been reviewed by other guests. Select one that can best suit your requirements and book rooms online.

Packages at Homestays in Karnataka

The wonder land Karnataka welcomes with open arms all travelers from across India and abroad to come and cherish the rich history and heritage. The connectivity to holiday destinations in Karnataka is very convenient and you could take any mode of transport and reach the place comfortably. There are many sightseeing places of interests which can thrill nature lovers, photographers, bird watchers and adventure loving people. A carefully planned holiday can have most of the places covered with better time management.

Travelers can take any major cities in Karnataka as their entry point and plan the sojourn including best places. However, each traveler can have a unique perspective on the holiday places and Karnataka can offer distinct packages that can please your tastes and preferences. There are travel experts like Travel Chords who could be resourceful in giving the itinerary and designing the holiday planner as per the requirements of travelers.

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