Celebrating different seasons of nature

If you are a travel enthusiast and have travelled places with a zeal for exploration then you will love to read this piece of blog. The team over here is constantly figuring out how to design journeys and bring tourists close to nature for memorable holiday experiences. In the quest get these ideas and methods to design holiday packages we were successfully able to promote summer holiday places for their cool climate and fun activities in last couple of months.  Now its monsoon, the grandeur of nature will be of its own kind and you will love to watch water droplets from the sky falling on nature’s lap.

Yes, its monsoon again in Karnataka and Kerala regions that you have already researched for holidaying in the past. This season is unique and you will be thrilled if you are driving to our destinations from any of the cities where you are living currently. It’s special because of its climate conditions pampered with steady rains and greenery everywhere. This season not just brings new lease of life for the biodiversity but can also rejuvenate the soul of those witnessing and indulging in it.

We never deny the fact that not everyone can enjoy the monsoon season. It’s a special feeling which only few tourists understand and decide to explore places during this season. The number of tourists will be lesser compared to any other season hence it makes the destinations less crowded and for your benefit the prices on tariff will be also slashed by us. You can get discounted rates from us for homestays and resorts in Karnataka to enjoy your monsoon breaks. Contact us for special discount vouchers and book your holiday now.