Successful restaurant or café business planning

Food business is not just an amalgamation of ingredients but ideas & passion. When you are starting a new restaurant or café there are several things to consider to make it a successful operation. Food is also considered a way of life for a lot of people. They may be satisfying their taste buds but also expect it to be healthy diet. If you are looking for a loyal customer base in your area then you must build your business with prudent choices.

You might be an existing hotelier or a newbie. We have ideas, planners, menu designs, equipment and fabrications designed for you. The budget is like an after fact in this whole process. You must first know what is your agenda of setting up a quality restaurant / café in a specific area / place.  People usually come to us ( with certain idea about budget alone. Our solutions are beyond the budget constraints.

Unique Cafe Concepts and Designs

The company is serving top hoteliers/restaurateurs/café owners in India. The approach of the company is simple; experts can do the job better. HotelTotal has a verified and pre checked list of manufacturers, suppliers, dealers, importers, exporters… who have worked for top brands. The limited free training or consultation / meetings are scheduled with anyone who is looking to create passionate food & beverage business.

There are set models and there are unique designs. If you are looking for a creative concept to be customized to your taste then we have teams who can assist you. If you are a franchise model and looking for bulk purchase of equipment, we have competitive pricing for that. Throughout our journey in this industry we have been keen on quality as it can deliver better to you. The ROI (Return On Investment) will be consistent and satisfactory if you opt for better kitchen equipment and fabrication.

Why choose us?

We strive to deliver best services for our hotel partners

Consultative Training

The hospitality business is a competitive sector. Only the best quality thrives and survives in the industry. We are keen to deliver solutions to our clients based their unique requirement.

High Performance

Your hotel will be smart with our products in saving and delivering quality food to your clients. You can save a lot on fuel/electricity and food wastage using our equipment.

Imported Equipment

You can enquire for imported brands for your hotel equipment requirements and buy. The sales & service for imported equipment is arranged by Hotel Total and its partners.

Easy Purchase

You can take a free quote for any of the product for your hotel operation and get best deals.

Best Price Assured

We are dealing with multiple suppliers to deliver you the best product at best price.

Online Quotation

You can sit at your hotel and request for a free quotation for any hotel product or machine.

“Make your business smart with Hotel Total Solutions”