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Homestay in Malnad – You will love the way nature can touch!

Malnad region in Karnataka is a famous choice for those tourists and travel enthusiasts who love to spend time in the greenery. The word Malnad or Malenaadu is Kannada word meaning Male as Forest and Naadu as Land. In other words Malnad can be called as the land of forests. Yes it is apparent that Malnad region is full of greenery, river, waterfalls, hills, valleys, estates and plantations. People visit Malnad region to experience the blissfulness and rejuvenating power of Mother Nature.

Several thousands of travelers visit Malnad every from different parts of India and abroad to witness the magnificence nature. Those who spend their time working round the clock schedules and stressful projects can certainly find Malnad a escape to nature. The famous punch line of Travel Malnad goes like this Getaway to nature and unwind yourself. Yes, you can unwind yourself relaxing in the nature of malnad region.

Malnad is well connected in roadways and railways from all major cities of India. Plan a holiday in one of the homestay in malnad and relish the custom, traditions, lifestyle, cuisines, heritage… of Malenadu region. The first question that comes to the minds of travelers is Where to stay?whenever they are planning their holiday. In Karnataka’s malnad region there are many homestays and finding the right type package that can best suit one’s individual requirements can be tiresome. Though there are many homestays, the task of choosing a place with unbiased review assistance is made easy at Travel Malnad.

The speciality of homestay in Malnad is it is a perfect homely experience offered for the room guests. More than being a customer, the room guests are treated as host’s own friends and family. That tinge of warm hospitality certainly is going to make a lot of difference in your holiday experience as opposed to a highway side hotel. People come back to homestays sometimes not for sightseeing but to enjoy the warm hospitality extended by the host families who are natives of that area.

Added to all these are there a lot of sightseeing places in Malnad that can be explored by travelers. The places can be equally divided to parts as adventure, rejuvenation, natural wonders, entertainment… How would one plan an effective itinerary while coming to Malnad region? Well, as already stated, the holiday planners by Travel Malnad is appreciated and enjoyed by many travelers who are visiting malnad for relaxation and adventure in combo. Speak to the expert planner at Travel Malnad and learn more about the things to do and places to visit while staying at a quality homestay in malnad. Call 09480595888 for information about malnad homestays in Karnataka.

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