The tourism industry is hit by the COVID 19 scare in India. The hospitality sector has been affected by this scenario in a much bigger way than anticipated. The finances of many players in hospitality have been strained due to a lack of consistent revenue generation. It is very important to be at poise about how we imagine the growth plans of the hospitality industry. We need to embrace the fact that the old world in which we operated our hospitality business has disappeared.

The world ahead for hospitality is going to be an all-new place with new challenges & need for new SOPs. While you sit down to write or rewrite business plans for your hotel, homestay, or resort its best to get a real feel of the current situation. The preparedness for future traveler expectations will be a new atmosphere for your staff as well. We must train ourselves as a team to be on the same page at all times when it comes to safety & hygiene. The confidence that we can create for the guests at our stays will encourage the tourism industry as a whole benefiting all stakeholders. We have to be prepared to invest further in the full-time hygiene maintenance work at our stays.

The state governments should take adequate measures in advertising the plans of hospitality to help the industry. The destinations with sightseeing places should be prepared with more caution by including necessary staffing & housekeeping teams. Without the hygiene steps are taken at sightseeing, the majority of tourists will not be fully comfortable to travel to destinations. Yes, we agree that guests will drive their cars but we need to ensure all those places they visit to be clean and sanitized at all times. This will be like an evolving period for the housekeeping standards at all hospitality business locations.