Areca Plantation Trails in Thirthahalli

The holiday places are gaining a lot more potential growth over a period of time. Thirthahalli is one such place which has very consistently grown in terms of traveler footfall. The main reason is its climate conditions and natural resources. The area is mainly famous for Areca plantations; long standing trees that are breathtakingly beautiful for the eyes of the guests. The survey says that people who choose to stay at a plantation homestay or resort is going to enjoy better than any other accommodations.

It clearly depends on the purpose of your visit. Make sure you clear up the air of confusion whether to stay at an estate or in a hotel in the town. Once you are clear about it, it’s time to log on our website and shop for accommodations. Our portal is very easy to use and you will get all categories of rooms with different price range at one place. Put your travel dates and request a free quote to get further understanding of the tariff and then reserve your rooms online.

You may be travelling with your family or a group, we have different packages. We can speak to our travel experts and plan the itinerary as per your duration of stay. Get a free quote from wherever you are and start planning your holiday now. By booking homestays in thirthahalli you can even cover places like Agumbe, Jog Falls, Sringeri and some travelers even visit Chikmagalur as a connecting destination when they have long duration stay.

Homestays in Thirthahalli – For memorable holiday experience

Homestay is a unique hospitality concept in the tourism industry which often times has become a most sort after ‘experience’ quotient for tourists. We, being in the business for more than 10 years till date have seen a tremendous response from the guests who have chosen a homestay accommodation as opposed to a regular resort/hotel stay by reviewing their feedbacks. The same guests who always particular about ‘star category only’ stays as a preference for their holidaying have also accepted a good quality homestay that we had recommended for them to give an ‘experience’ that would bring them close to living a estate/plantation lifestyle or a typical agriculturist’s lifestyle.

What is a homestay?

There are a lot of technical descriptions for calling a hospitality service as a Home Stay. We all know that there should be minimum 5 rooms with amenities such as attach bathrooms, hot water, food and some activities to name it a proper homestay. We go explaining beyond just the technicalities as we are aware that this is a very special service. To differentiate a typical homestay from a resort its worth noting that there will not be a running restaurant but there will be a kitchen where hosts prepare the local and traditional cuisines of the place for room guests.

Where is Thirthahalli?

The next very important item that we get to explain is the destination Thirthahalli. It is located 320 Kms off Bangalore and towards Agumbe the Western Ghats belt in Karnataka. This small town in Karnataka is located on the picturesque landscapes. The town is located just on the river bank giving a panoramic view for visitors. There are several places to cover, itineraries to plan for the visitors which we do working with them closely. Basically, Thirthahalli has picked a place in the tourists’ heart for its rich history and options to do a lot of adventures like trekking, river rafting, nature trails, estate and plantation visits.

Knowing the fact that each traveller is like a philosopher and would be having his/her own choices and preferences for holidaying we customize each holiday as a commitment. There are several homestays in thirthahalli which are run by hosts who are themselves owners and we are giving them a platform for promoting their unique services for all our registered/unregistered users free of cost. We do not charge any fee/price for any of the ‘online booking’ services rendered for the service providers from Thirthahalli.

If you are planning for holiday in Tirthahalli we recommend you to shop online and do your room reservations well in advance for your travel dates. Our portal offers easy access to all necessary information and you can book rooms using credit/debit card or net banking online. With 2 steps your booking will be confirmed and you can visit peacefully. Step 1; Check availability by taking a free quote Step 2; once rooms are confirmed you can reserve online. You will get a confirmation voucher and payment receipts for your records.

Unique holiday places in Karnataka

Holiday is a concept that has innately developed in the genes of human beings. We all want a break from our daily routine or business or work hours. Yes, we all love to work and at the same time we all deeply love to holiday, spend quality time with friends and family. Why is that so? The tinge of passion to travel, eagerness to explore and interest to learn more about places makes you travel to beautiful destinations and holiday in style.

Since we started off saying that holiday is innate, we take the privilege of saying that Mother Nature has an enchanting and rejuvenating power which she can give to human beings. There are places which by the sheer location itself makes people say ‘wow! We just love this place” and what if those places are clubbed with top class accommodation and mouth watering cuisines? It can be called as heaven on earth for travelers.

You may be in any domain of industry or doing any creative work, you are encouraged to visit the places in Karnataka that are known for their beauty of nature. We recommend some packages to travelers and our clients who regularly travel with us to explore many new places. For instance, you may have travelled all over the world and missed to visit some of the unique homestays in Thirthahalli or do trekking in muliangiri hills or swim in River Hemavathi… We can list 10 different types of activities and new places for your each time you speak to our travel experts.

There are travel enthusiasts who plan for group or corporate travel and when you travel in more numbers that means you will get better deals. So speak to our travel experts now and get a feel for group/corporate packages available. We strive to provide best hospitality services during your trip and also great experiences to remember. Personalised or customized packages are also done and you get your requirements we give best deal for the same.

Thirthahalli Homestays Travelogue

We are a group of nature lovers and likeminded companions who travel to different locations in search of wonders of nature. Then we came across this tiny little wonderful taluk in Karnataka called as Thirthahalli. Well, to start with it, we need some introduction. This is a place ruled by Kings and Palegars and has some of the nicest historical places in and around to visit and spend hours watching the beauty of the architecture.

Since we were all with family members we do not wanted to take up any camping adventure in Thirthahalli. We would do it next time without miss because Thirthahalli has become our favorite destination now among the list of places. You would find this exaggeration but trust me we all planned for 3 nights initially but thirthahalli held us for 2 more nights and we pushed 5 nights stay at homestays in Thirthahalli. We switched from one homestay to the other in 5 nights stretch and had equally amazing food and accommodation experience at both the places.

The expert guide organized by our travel organizer, travel malnad took us for a long trekking inside the forests in Thirthahalli. It was a great experience all together and many of my friends in the team started making notes to write a detailed travelogue in coming days. We will be posting it on Travel Malnad blog section and you can start spreading the information to travel enthusiasts in your circle. There are many sightseeing places in closest distance from homestay in thirthahalli which makes your holiday more enjoyable. Keep warm cloths, boots, binoculars, cameras, sun caps, skull caps, sports shoes… while visiting Thirthahalli. For more information on Thirthahalli accommodation you can contact 09480595888 or 9480565888.


Nature Trekkers Team,

Hotels and Resorts in Thirthahalli

We all are aware of the places like Kodachadri, Jog Falls, Kuppalli, Agumbe… in Karnataka. These are some of the best places that can allow travelers to enjoy the nature’s wonder. The valley, falls, greenery, thick woods, flora and fauna… comprise the places in malnad region. We are trying to introduce you to one such place well known for natural beauty in Karnataka. Now there are quite a good number of Hotels and Resorts in thirthahalli.

Where can travelers find best homestays in Thirthahalli? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by first time visitors to Thirthahalli, a tiny and wonderful township in Karnataka state. You can shop for the best hotels in Thirthahalli at Travel Malnad, your holiday partner. You might be looking for a weekend getaway or a long duration of Holiday that you have at your disposal, you can spend both types of leisure at Thirthahalli. This place is a perfect blend of adventure and rejuvenation that any traveler will expect for their holiday.

Hotels and Resorts in Thirthahalli can be booked online using the travel malnad portal. There are different standards of accommodation that you can expect at homestays and resorts in Thirthahalli. There are budget to high end hotels that can best suit your individual requirements. You can compare quotes or tariff and the facilities offered and make your informed choice before booking your holiday. Best nature experience is guaranteed for travelers visiting Thirthahalli.