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This millennium has witnessed a huge growth of tourism sector both in technology and infrastructure verticals. Many new destinations have emerged from nowhere and are catering to the needs of ever evolving tourists who keep looking for experiences beyond just the sightseeing. The industry is benefited from the participation of IT literate people who have introduced several online solutions to solve the problems of travelers.

As we all know that smartphones have changed the way we plan our holiday or book tickets to visit home from any part of the world. Throughout this fantastic journey the tour operators, travel agencies and online travel aggregators have played a crucial role in shaping the future of tourism industry. We also thank for the efforts put by several IT companies in developing several tools to have seamless holiday experience.

Tourists of today are empowered with several options at hand while planning trip and at the same time an expert advice will save a lot of your time and money. Travel Companies will come in to picture in designing the unbiased trip planned keeping in mind the most important requirements of travelers. The individual hotel website or Google search can give you only limited information but to make a planner comprehensive it is good to take expert inputs. That’s where the travel companies lend hand and organize your holiday at your dream destinations and make it a hassle-free experience.

Here’s just a brief list of some of the things you know much better than anyone:

  1. How to personalize your trip.

The travel agent or your consultant will be helpful in personalizing your holiday planner as per your requirements. The travel agent brings to table his experience to create itinerary that can be a reflection of traveler’s unique lifestyle. You will be able to shortlist the right destination and accommodation that meet your needs and budget. You can customize your package with travel itinerary for a seamless holiday experience.

  1. Local knowledge.

The local knowledge of your holiday consultant will be crucial in planning your trip giving authentic and traditional experience. In-destination experts will give you access to unique events, offbeat excursions, and unconventional itineraries.

  1. How to add value.

We at Travel Chords will be always updated about current and upcoming holiday promotions. So you can get best rates and several complimentary that can come along with the package.

  1. How to find a room when none seems to be available.

We will assist you in finding the best rooms and also right availability update of rooms. Though when hotel website says the rooms are full they are not actually sold out, they would by on hold for travel agencies and travel companies. We will find those details for you and help you book online.

  1. How to troubleshoot for you.

The value of a travel company kicks in when there is an emergency or major disaster. We can help you change flights, upgrade and rebook hotel rooms, change travel dates…

  1. How to ask about dietary restrictions.

Noting an increase in queries regarding dining options and food allergies, many agents have accrued a more in-depth knowledge of hotels and cruise lines that cater to individual health requirements, so they can recommend the best option for each client.


Homestays in Karnataka – Best Deals

There are a lot of places which are well known for the historical significance as well as wonders of nature located in Karnataka. People planning their holiday in South India can find a lot of places to visit in Karnataka. There are many people who also would be planning to try the typical lifestyle in the area they are living. For them we recommend homestays in Karnataka that are located amidst the plantation or estates.

The homestays in Karnataka have been much chosen accommodation by travelers who love to try our typical cuisine or enjoy the ethnicity of a place they are visiting. How do we know which homestay is better for the individual requirements of travel plans? The answer is very simple shop online at Travel Chords, spend a few minutes knowing the rates and facilities offered at different homestays in Karnataka and make an informed choice.

We all know that weekends, a lot of people getaway from cities and travel to one of these places. To avoid last minute congestion, travelers are advised to take prior room reservation at travel chords. The customer support team at travel chords can help you choose a property and take online reservation. There will be very simple steps to follow online at travel chords and get e-vouchers for the reservations made at the selected homestay. Call 09480595888 for further information on Karnataka homestays.

Homestays in Karnataka – Tucked in the Nature

It is a natural desire for people to escape to nature from their busy mechanical city life. Ultimately we are all the sons and daughters of nature and we crave to reunite with Mother Nature whenever there is ample time. Holidays are not meant to only watch a movie in a multiplex mall or go out for a coffee with friends. We can always hang out with our friends and family by travelling to some of the exotic homestays located in Karnataka.

The definition of fun and entertainment has a larger horizon and each person can interpret based on their personal experience. We welcome you all to homestays in Karnataka that are situated in the Malnad region which is well known for its natural terrains, hills, valleys, waterfalls and streams. There are several homestays listed at Travel Malnad which is helping travelers from any part of India visiting Karnataka to enjoy the ethnicity and typical cuisine of Malnad in Karnataka.

Though there are many homestays in Karnataka, Travel Malnad portal will help travelers to choose the right type of accommodation as per their budget and holiday requirements. It is recommended for travelers to take prior reservation before starting their journey to Karnataka. Book a homestay as per your needs and make your holiday a memorable experience. For more information about homestays in Karnataka visitors can call 09480595888 or 09483856640.

Homestays in Karnataka – A perfect weekend getaway

Weekends spent exploring destinations are worth than spending lazily at home doing nothing. Once in a while human beings have to bond with nature and enjoy the blissful experience. There are many places in Karnataka that are known as natural beauties that can elevate a person’s inner most conscience and make them more energetic when they return to work. Places in Malnd region are specially called by travelers as getaway destinations to nature from city life.

Many people visit Karnataka from across other states since there is a better railway, airway and roadways connectivity. There are quality homestays in Karnataka waiting for travelers to come and enjoy the ethnicity of a place they are visiting. Homestays cater the typical cuisines of that particular area where they are located and help visitors also to enjoy it. It’s a good choice to stay at a homestay while going for a holiday to feel rejuvenated and relaxed.

Most people travel to a place in Karnataka and choose homestays there for accommodation because they will be more quite and tucked deep in the nature. The Karnataka homestays at Travel Malnad are cherry picked and delivered to the travelers with a vision of giving them top class accommodation and a quality food service. To book a homestay in Karnataka shop online at travel malnad or call the customer support team at 09480595888.

Resorts in Karnataka – Holiday packages for this summer

Summer is coming and it’s time to look for cooler destinations as a retreat from the hot season. Have you visited Karnataka? If not try this summer in Karnataka, it’s green, cool and has many things to offer for travelers. There are hill stations, valleys, coffee estates, plantations in Karnataka and this offer a very cool climate for travelers who are searching for a summer retreat. The malnad region in Karnataka is more popular for its green terrains and cool climate.

Resorts in Karnataka is in themselves a holiday retreat for the tourists since they offer activities, adventure trips, therapy centers, spa. Those who are coming with their family will have a great fun spending time in one of the luxurious resorts of Karnataka. Nature lovers should choose stay in the malnad belt or Western Ghats region in Karnataka. The summer holiday packages in resorts are fun filled and with lot of features to rejuvenate the tourists.

There are several resorts in Karnataka and one needs prudent choosing capabilities to book a proper resort facility. The online resorts in Karnataka have given far superior facilities for travelers to have an unbiased comparison before making a booking. The portal like Travel Malnad are serving thousands of travelers every year in choosing a right holiday option and spending time and money in a much more worthier way. Book a holiday at Travel Malnad and get attractive holiday packages in Karnataka.

A journey to the malnad region in Karnataka

Writing a travelogue is always been a favourite pastimes for the internet savvy travelers of the latest millennium. Drawing all the loose threads together and writing a descriptive narration of any place can be a challenging job. This chunk of a travelogue will speak about the place in Karnataka known for its greenery, the malnad region, which is very well known for its, coffee estates, plantation trails and other natural terrains. It can be difficult for the reader to hold the palpable pictures of the grandeur of malnad region and its rich habitat unless they visit, but the article is focused to introduce travelers to this mesmerizing holiday destination in Karnataka.

Poets, writers, playwrights and other literary figures have fallen in love with the enticing beauty of Malnad region. A connoisseur will surely love this magnificent natural beauty which speaks a history of several hundred years of the rulings of palegars, sultans, kings… Yes, its Malenadu or the anglicized version malnad region in Karnataka which drives a several thousands of travelers to this destination, popularly called as the green paradise of Karnataka.

The growing travelling crowd has encouraged the mushrooming of several homestays and resorts business in malnad region. Those travelers who would like to spend their holiday amidst the lush greenery and indulge in adventure activities deep in the nature can choose malnad as a holiday destination. There are many places in this region which have a historical background and the heritage of monuments made by Kings and Palegars in Karnataka. It can be one of the choices to stay at resorts in Karnataka which is located in the estate or plantations of malnad region and enjoy your holiday while visiting with friends or family.

A journey to malnad region is a worth visit for travelers who love nature, serenity, tranquillity, adventure, history and heritage. The latest trend that has swept across the malnad region’s hoteliers, businessmen, industrialists… is to open a sumptuous homestay right amidst the thick green terrains with providing modern amenities for travelers. The homestays in Karnataka from malnad region caters travelers to understand the local cuisines, tradition, lifestyle, customs, history and agricultural activities. Book a homestay or resort in malnad at Travel Malnad with an expert advice on the itinerary and other intricate details that are essential for any traveler.

Resorts in Karnataka – Best Holiday Packages

Planning to visit Karnataka for this summer holidays? Choose one of the best resorts in Karnataka amidst the lush greenery and spend your holiday in the lap of Mother Nature. Where to choose the resorts known for nature holidays and activities in the nature to rejuvenate one’s mind and body. There are many resorts and choosing the appropriate place that can best suit the individual requirement can be challenging. Things are made easy by the online holiday planner designed by travel portals like travel chords.

There is no need for a traveler to waste time planning to where to stay, what to do, how to book? Once your destination to explore in Karnataka is finalized, our team will assist you to effective plan the trip without any hassles. The resorts in Karnataka and their details with appropriate package can be accessed by travelers with a few clicks online. There are many attractive places to visit in Karnataka and travelers must keep sufficient time while planning their itinerary.

A resort in Karnataka can offer unique blend of luxury, heritage, tradition and adventure for travelers. Those who can be with their family, friends, colleagues will enjoy the facilities equally since they are designed exclusively. Those who love nature, birds, animals can choose nature holiday places and spend quality time amidst the nature. The booking of the resort chosen by the travelers can be completed online using the free booking facility (no fees, no additional charges on the tariff).

Resorts in Karnataka – Best holiday destinations

Travel enthusiasts will be always in search of a new destination to explore. A warm welcome from all of us here for the visitors to Karnataka from different states in India and also abroad. This place is a perfect destination for those who want the adventure and rejuvenation experience. There are several popular holiday destinations in Karnataka. A prudent traveler will always have a basic knowledge of the place they are visiting by doing a research online or discussing with friends who have already explored.

There are many places in Karnataka that are not so popular but offer a thrilling experience amidst the nature with activities related to adventure and rejuvenation. Human mind need a break from the work schedule and demands for relaxation to energies oneself to go back to the work again. To feel the experience of solace and rejuvenation to mind and soul, a traveler must be really staying amidst the nature with rich greenery and water body close by.

Anyone who is looking for resorts in Karnataka must be well informed about the location, amenities, food, packages, places to visit… in that destination. Many of these resorts will provide activities in abundance to keep the guests busy. After availing the entire facilities in the resort one can go to the nearby sightseeing places and other adventure activities like water sports, trekking, bird watching, boating… Travelers can shop online for resorts in Karnataka and save time, money and energy. Book a resort online and win special offer vouchers with repeated bookings.

Homestays in Karnataka – Known for Best Location and Hospitality

The concept of homestay is unique and travelers will find the worth for the money they spend for their holiday. Along with maintain the luxury and hygiene the homestays are also quite known for their exotic location. The homestays in Karnataka are situated in the lengths and breadths of the state and closer to some of the major sightseeing destinations in Karnataka. These homestays are quite popular and liked by people from all walks of life. Being a traveler, anyone will love to learn about the local lifestyle and ethnicity of the place they are visiting. Homestays are a great opportunity for travelers known the place they are visiting in detail.

The main theme of homestays in Karnataka is to offer a quality accommodation in blend with warm hospitality and feel at home atmosphere. The guests at homestays will be able to learn the local food habits, lifestyle, culture, tradition and specialties. The hosts at homestay will share their experience and also help guests to do activities which they may be are interested to do. The homestays in Karnataka information is available online and travelers can plan their holiday sitting anywhere in India or abroad.

You can compare the Tariff and facilities offered by various Karnataka homestays and make an informed choice. The booking facility online helps travelers to sit at their office, home or at work place and complete the reservation process for the homestay selected by them. There will be detailed description of itinerary, travel routes, map… for the travelers. Those who need to speak to customer support team can call 09480595888 or 09483856640.

Karnataka, destination to explore in South India

Planning to visit South India? Looking for a mesmerizing destination to explore? In that case, Karnataka can be your holiday destination in South India. The state of Karnataka is perfect blend of Information Technology to Holiday Destination. You can have an industrial tour as well as an adventurous expedition in Karnataka. Those who need a break from their work life and wish to indulge in activities amidst nature, and then Karnataka is the right choice for your holiday.

When you are visiting Karnataka from any part of India, make sure that your accommodation reservation is done. Because the rooms may not be available in the place you are visiting and to avoid such inconvenience book in advance and then travel. There are homestays in Karnataka that are spread widely in the Western Ghats and coastal regions of Karnataka. To experience the beauty of nature you should visit these regions in Karnataka.

It is very easy to book resorts in Karnataka. Shop online and choose the type of accommodation you require and block the dates, and pay the cost to reserve those rooms for you. At least 7 days prior reservation is required to avoid any last minute hiccups. The reservation can be done online and the payment can also be completed using NEFT or NET banking online. The holiday confirmation vouchers remains the proof of your reservation, it will be sent your email id. You can download and print the same.