Thirthahall – Tucked in the heart of Malnad

We are living in a generation which is techno friendly and 24×7 busy online. The world that may be heading in a jet setting lifestyle is not away from nature. Those who are living the IT hub of India Bengaluru, there are umpteen options to relax amidst the nature. The desire and passion to explore is doubled with people opening up to staying the estates and experiencing the plantation lifestyle. We are one of the pioneer companies who introduced a lot of travelers to the greener parts of Karnataka in South India. One such destination is Thirthahalli. A township on the banks of River Tunga is so immaculately maintained and an apt destination for those looking for relaxing by staying in the nature.

If you are a connoisseur of nature and want a real break from your entire city and work life then here is a fantastic location. You can call this as paradise in malnad which caters to the traveling community in a big way from recent years. We all have expectations, desires, and adventurous hearts and foremost is taste for holidaying. Understanding the pulse of every traveler is the concern shown by TravelChords team from the day one of its inception. Our customer support and consolidated travel services has given travelers a flexibility of choosing properties rather than sticking to only few properties if they had a membership.

The authentic experience of holidaying is guaranteed for every traveler with value for money packages from TravelChords. With a great support from our sister concern TravelMalnad services the places are cherry picked and activities are carefully designed for each and every traveler. The itineraries are not sold here but meticulously executed to bring out utmost holidaying experiences for our guests. There are exclusive corporate discount vouchers too when you book a holiday.

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Summer holidays at Thirthahalli

The township in Karnataka, Thirtahalli famous for its poets, playwrights and novelists is now also a popular tourism destination. The domestic traveller footfall has increased over the past couple of years. Once you are away from the crowded city life and reached Thirthahalli you can imagine the immense soothing effect you will have on your mind and soul at the peaceful localities in and around this small Taluk headquarters in Karnataka.

Lot of travelers who were not sure whether they selected the right destination have found the importance of making the choice when they reached the destination. This would sound a bit exaggerated but the fact is the sightseeing places that are in and around Thirthahalli are simply the best and have been loved by elders and kids alike. There are many waterfalls, sand beaches (river), hills for trekking, areca and rubber estates, rivulets, water streams… for soaking yourself in the beauty of nature.

The homestays in Thirthahalli offer a decent and affordable holiday packages for travellers. Custom designed packages can be made as per the travel requirements of the visitors. Get a free quote comparison opportunity by logging on to There is a rating facility which can give you a fair idea on the quality of the property which is been reviewed by other guests. Select one that can best suit your requirements and book rooms online.

Thirthahalli a tiny town with wonders around

The travel experiences could be distinctive and can create inspiring moments during the sojourn. One of the tiny and calm township in the Karnataka state of India is Thirthahalli. Majority would think where this place could be or there are who have already explored this place and relished the serenity and tranquility. This is a taluk headquarters that falls in the Shimoga district of Karnataka. The large natural landscapes with hills, water streams and estates make this place all the more soothing for those who drive down to Thirthahalli.

Once you step foot in this magnificent holiday destination in Karnataka, you will be welcomed by the statues of famous personalities of this area. Two people whom you can quickly think of are Kuvempu, national laureate and Kadidal Manjappa, former chief minister of Karnataka. The life size statues of these two great men of thirthahalli stand proud on two junctions that deviate to different places. There is no doubt that once you enter this tiny enchanting town which you can imagine the ‘malgudi town’ as written by R K Narayan. You would say ‘Wah, why not all township be like this?”.

You have nature close by and at the time you are not very far from the town or inaccessible for the essential for you and your family. Once you start indulging in exploring the places around, Thirthahalli will unfold mystic, historic and natural wonders. There are many sightseeing places in and around Thirthahalli that are clearly depicting how the rich history of Karnataka has combined this place because the ruling palegars and kings of this area. Once home of national laureate Kuvempu is now a monument and the village is like a model place for literary activities. There are a lot of people gather here for different literary programs and conventions.

Where to stay while travelling in Thirthahalli? Answer is, today the growing traveler footfall has encouraged local estate owners as well as outside hoteliers to construct homestays, resorts and hotels in Thirthahalli. You mention any budget of rooms, you find at Thirthahalli. Though it is unbelievable, we experience some of the best holiday experiences staying at homestays in Thirthahalli. These are the places that will give you an ethnic and typical lifestyle experience at the same time help you understand the local cuisines and food habits.

There is another section of travelers who are comfortable staying at resorts and hotels or having some activities within the premises, like boating, fishing and cycling. We suggest you to stay at resorts in Thirthahalli which can provide accommodation, food and some activities if you don’t want to travel much during the day and just laze and relish the beauty of estates and the river. There is a huge scope for those people who are interested in bird watching and photography. Speak to our customer support and seek advice on the possibilities of conducting these activities safely and at appropriate places. If there are any queries related to travel, accommodation, activities and holiday packages you can log on to our travel portals and

Holiday Itinerary for Thirthahalli Visit Homestay, Resort and Hotels

We all plan holidays to exotic locations to unwind and rejuvenate ourselves. Sometimes a well thought out holiday planner would avoid hiccups and waste of time during our journey or visit to sightseeing places. There are chances of missing some of the nice spots while we are not fully aware of the geographical locations of the sight seeing places. With an ardent service and experience in the field of holiday services we would like to introduce you to thirthhalli with accurate itinerary or holiday planners.

Distance from Bangalore at 330 Kms


Day one

– On the way to homestay Between Shimoga & Thirthahalli Road you will get Sakrebylu Elephant Camp and Mandagadde Bird Sanctuary (Both are on Roadside)
– Reach the Homestay/Hotel/Resort
– Lunch in the affternoon
– Post lunch go to Kuppalli, visit Kavishaila (peak point) & Museum also there
– In the evening take a stroll in the estates and do bird watching
– Coffee/Tea
– Bonfire and Dinner
– Relax for the night

Day two

– Breakfast and go to Chibbalagudde to see natural fishes and feed them
– Trekking at Kavaledurga can be nice experience
– Lunch at Homestay/Hotel/Resort
– Post lunch take a nap at the homestay
– Early Coffee
– Start towards Agumbe for Sunset – Start from thirthahalli at 3 so that on the way you can also see Kundadri Hills.
– You can drive your vehicle till the hill top of Kundadri
– Watch Sunset at Agumbe and return back to Homestay
– Bonfire & Dinner

Day Three

– Head towards Jog falls early after Breakfast
– or Visit Lions Safari in Shimoga
– or Visit Thirthahalli Rameshwara (River Bank is nice to spend time)
– Head back to Bangalore

Driving Directions from Bangalore

Bangalore >>>> Nelamangala >>>> Tumkur >>>> Gubbi >>>> Tiptur >>>>Arsikere >>>> Kadur >>>> Birur >>>> Tarikere >>>> Bhadravathi Bypass>>>> Shimoga >>>> Thirthahalli

4 Way Road till Chitradurga

Bangalore >>>> Nelamangala>>>> Tumkur>>>> Sira >>>> Hiriyur>>>>Chitradurga>>>> Holalkere>>>> Chengiri >>>> Shimoga >>>>Thirthahalli

You could choose to stay at homestay in Thirthahalli for more ethnic experience. We would recommend some of the best homestays located in the area you would be planning to visit. There are resorts in Thirthahalli if you are planning to have more activities like cycling, boating, bar, restaurant… You could choose the type of accommodation as per your individual requirements. You can have a customized package for your group/family/corporate team visit to thirthahalli. For expert holiday advice, contact travel chords at 09480595888.

Homestays in Thirthahalli – Book Now

Thirthahalli is one of the popular destination in Karnataka which is well known for splendid sightseeing places and literary achievements. There are many places of interests which have historical significance and ancestral roots. People who visit Thirthahalli will be mesmerized by the magnificent beauty of nature and other natural wonders which are surrounding the Thirthahalli region. You can find both historical and natural places to visit in thirthahalli.

While you drive on the NH-17 from Shimoga towards thirthahalli you will come across natural and picturesque landscapes. There are travelers who visit every year just to experience the thrilling nature around Thirthahalli. Travelers have homestays in Thirthahalli for accommodation and there are many providers of hospitality. Once your travel dates are finalized contact us to learn about the types of accommodation available and make an informed choice.

As stated earlier there are many homestays in Thirthahalli. It is good to take free quote from Travel Chords and select an accommodation and package as per individual requirements. The travel dates can be blocked and rooms can be reserved in the name of the traveler as prior as possible. Travelers can select the options listed in Travel Chords and contact by completing the enquiry form. To learn more about homestays in Thirthahalli call 09480595888 or 09483856640.

Thirthahalli – A place apt for relaxation and rejuvenation

Thirthahalli, a small town in the Malnad region in Karnataka is well known for the grandeurs of history, literature, natural wonders… Off late, this place has emerged one of the top destinations in Karnataka for travelers to explore. There are many sightseeing places and unexplored wonders at Thirthahalli which can leave the visitor mesmerized. The tourism in this area has developed manifold over the years with many resorts, hotels and homestays mushrooming in and around sightseeing places of Thirthahalli.

There are many homestays and a fully fledged resort in Thirthahalli which can accommodate family or corporate groups coming for holiday. There is a guest house too which is run professionally with quality accommodation and facilities. When you are planning a holiday, all you need is expert inputs on the details of how to plan your itinerary and where to stay? Travel Chords team is striving to provide accurate information for travelers who are planning to visit Thirthahalli for a refreshing holiday experience.

As said earlier, there are top class homestays in Thirthahalli which are designed with a concern for quality accommodation and natural ambience. While visiting Thirthahalli and in case you are looking for a homestay, take a prior online reservation at Travel Malnad and make a memorable trip. Weekends and long holidays will busy and travelers are requested to take reservation at least 10-15 days prior to their visit to Thirthahalli.

Homestays in Thirthahalli – Best Packages

Thirthahalli, most popular destination known for having ‘Kuvempu’s birth place’ ‘Jog falls’ ‘Kodachadri’ ‘Agumbe’ etc. If we start listing the mesmerizing places in Thirthahalli it will be a never ending one. The town of thirthahalli has an appeal of a ancient township which R K Narayan has imagined as Malgudi Town. In fact the whole TV serial of Malgudi Days was shot at Agumbe which is 27 Kms from Thirthahalli main town.

Those who are coming to Thirthahalli have many options for their accommodation; there are homestays, resorts, guest houses… The homestays near Thirthahalli are located in the Areca estates and plantations. The typical malnad in Karnataka, Thirthahalli has villages that have the same lifestyle which was practices our ancestors in the Malnad region. There are many water streams, rivulets, sand beaches of river, falls… in and around Thirthahalli.

Homestays in Thirthahalli can be compared and booked online at travel chords from anywhere in India. The holiday service for those who are coming to malnad is designed exclusively to access genuine and best homestay services which are provided by professional host families. Those who love to spend time amidst the nature will sure find Thirthahalli an apt place. The sightseeing places in Thirthahalli are close by and can be covered even during the short holiday visit.

Thirthahalli Homestay Experience in Karnataka

Guest Name: Pankaj Arora
Place: Coimbatore, India
Holiday Place: Thirthahalli, Karnataka

I am a photography enthusiast from Coimbatore and I keep travelling within India and abroad. Last month I visited a unique holiday destination in Karnataka and spent a good 7 days of my holidays enjoying the nature, greenery, birds and rivers around. All these beautiful terrains are encountered in Thirthahalli, one of the most beautiful destinations of Malnad. I did a lot of photography alongside enjoying the activities, cuisines and locations.

Our team, I, my wife and my aunt had travelled to Thirthahallii all the way from Coimbatore. The journey was quite exciting and we all liked the better connectivity to the regions in Karnataka. We took the help of Travel Malnad who master designed our package with an attractive itinerary exclusively for us. This tailor made package helped us save a lot of time and energy as well as our money. The quick response and advice by travel malnad helped me a lot to visit a place which I had not even seen on the maps.

There are very beautiful and well maintained homestays in Thirthahalli that are located in scenic locations. A prudent traveler will take assistance by an expert at travel malnad and select the right accommodation type and package for the Thirthahalli visit. I came to know about travel malnad guys through my friend and was fully satisfied with all the service, care, information and overview rendered to us while visiting Thirthahalli.

Thirthahalli homestays have a specialty in their hospitality and it is witnessed by us since we stayed at two different places during our visit. They were very cordial and I felt I was at my home or my grandma’s home. I could access the kitchen as and when I loved to prepare my tea and these small courtesy extended to us was appreciated. The cook was also very friendly and took our menu prior to the preparation. Overall, the visit to Thirthahalli was one of my best holiday experiences till date.

Homestays in Thirthahalli – Heritage, Ethnicity and Serenity at its best

The homestays in Thirthahalli are one of the ethnic portray of the Malnad lifestyle and cuisines. Those who would wish to relish the authentic Malnad cuisine or stay in a home that can offer the heritage experience should choose to book a homestay in Thirthahalli. The word Homestay or Home Stay is self explanatory that it will offer you a friendly and homely hospitality service. Thirthahalli is well distinguished as the land of literature, heritage, ethnicity and moreover as the Malnad region in Karnataka.

Those who need to take a break and find a nice place to experience the serenity amidst the green woods of Malnad can choose to visit Thirthahalli. This place is a township in the Shimoga district and is nestled on the Tunga river bank. The beautiful terrains of Thirthahalli make it one of the hot spot of tourist attraction. There are best homestay in Thirthahalli that offer a good opportunity for travelers to experience the blend of adventure and rejuvenation.

Where are these homestays located? The answer is quite clearly explained in the Travel Malnad portal. You can locate these homestays and book them as per your individual requirements. Homestays in Thirthahalli are well connected with roadways from the major cities in Karnataka. There are many good homestays that offer a memorable hospitality service and travelers can book any of them online using the booking process at Travel Malnad.

One of the major reasons for visitors this part of Karnataka is for rejuvenation and adventure. Places like Kodachadri, Kavaledurga, Kundadri, Agumbe offer a good chance for one to indulge in adventure. Added to these features in Thirthahalli there is a religious side to the township. Religious places like Rameshwara, Shakatapura Mutt, Ambutheertha, Rambapuri Mutt, Sringeri, Chibbalagudde also attract a good number of travelers to Thirthahalli.