The power of greenery to heal human soul – Visit Malnad

Nature has a very powerful meaning in our life & its always around us. We are living because of its gift to all of us on earth. Every we live on this earth is a courtesy of mother nature to human beings. We have a lot to learn from the generosity of nature. Irrespective of who we are and what we do we are getting fresh oxygen to breath and water to drink. Our souls are touched by the enchanting character of nature.

If you want to experience how nature can distress or heal your soul. You must stay amidst greenery at least every fortnight. Travel Chords is one such brand working round the clock to create seamless holiday experience for you amidst the woods of Malnad. Many of the travelers who are visiting our destinations from past 15 years have one thing in common ‘love for nature. They have got married in these destinations & now they are bringing their children to have blissful experience.

There are several factors of nature holiday experiences. You have several destinations in Karnataka where you can go on a trek or indulge in adventure activities amidst nature. You can book homestays in Karnataka on Travel Chords and opt for exclusive adventure packages. You can customise your trip as per your holiday requirements in Karnataka. It takes only 5 mins of your valuable time to compare and book a stay on

The only journey is the journey that satisfies the soul

Travel and tourism is one of the very old industry in the commerce and has innovated and developed with mulititudes after the impact of technology. Planning a holiday today to any part of the globe will not take much toll as it used to be in the past decade. People are enabled today to shop at ease and get details in seconds. All these miracles are possible because of the constant surge in the quality of internet services and the travel website companies who has put heart and soul to cater good experiences for travelers.

Distance to any holiday destination looks less as the roads are good and you will get to stay at quality homestays and resorts. In this busy and mechanical work life world, a room to escape and explore places gives a great satisfaction. We at TravelChords are committed to bring best holiday destinations to your table and help you spend your leisure meaningfully with friends and family.  There are several places listed with us which are cherry picked by our holiday experts.

The journey to any destination should be smooth which will leave a lasting memory in your mind. We have destinations that are popular for their own ethnicity and historical importance and at the same time are at drivable distances from all major cities. The team is proudly and successfully running its 10th year in the holiday and leisure industry and is constantly promoting best experiences. Spend some time comparing holiday places in South on our portal and plan your trip.

Packages at Homestays in Karnataka

The wonder land Karnataka welcomes with open arms all travelers from across India and abroad to come and cherish the rich history and heritage. The connectivity to holiday destinations in Karnataka is very convenient and you could take any mode of transport and reach the place comfortably. There are many sightseeing places of interests which can thrill nature lovers, photographers, bird watchers and adventure loving people. A carefully planned holiday can have most of the places covered with better time management.

Travelers can take any major cities in Karnataka as their entry point and plan the sojourn including best places. However, each traveler can have a unique perspective on the holiday places and Karnataka can offer distinct packages that can please your tastes and preferences. There are travel experts like Travel Chords who could be resourceful in giving the itinerary and designing the holiday planner as per the requirements of travelers.

Holiday packages comprising all that you need are served by holiday service providers. It eases the stress of sourcing information and also taking reservations when you could be busy with your work. Share your requirements at Travel Chords and the customer support team will assist in getting quote and having reservations at homestays in Karnataka. The repeated users on the sites will also get flat discounts and you can save money. Now holiday planning is time saving as well as easy on your pocket as there are attractive discounts from Travel Chords for visitors to Karnataka.

Resorts in Karnataka – Best Holiday Packages

Planning to visit Karnataka for this summer holidays? Choose one of the best resorts in Karnataka amidst the lush greenery and spend your holiday in the lap of Mother Nature. Where to choose the resorts known for nature holidays and activities in the nature to rejuvenate one’s mind and body. There are many resorts and choosing the appropriate place that can best suit the individual requirement can be challenging. Things are made easy by the online holiday planner designed by travel portals like travel chords.

There is no need for a traveler to waste time planning to where to stay, what to do, how to book? Once your destination to explore in Karnataka is finalized, our team will assist you to effective plan the trip without any hassles. The resorts in Karnataka and their details with appropriate package can be accessed by travelers with a few clicks online. There are many attractive places to visit in Karnataka and travelers must keep sufficient time while planning their itinerary.

A resort in Karnataka can offer unique blend of luxury, heritage, tradition and adventure for travelers. Those who can be with their family, friends, colleagues will enjoy the facilities equally since they are designed exclusively. Those who love nature, birds, animals can choose nature holiday places and spend quality time amidst the nature. The booking of the resort chosen by the travelers can be completed online using the free booking facility (no fees, no additional charges on the tariff).

Holiday Packages in Karnataka – Designed to cater best vacations

There was a time when you ask anyone where are you going for holidays? The answer was, we are visiting our grandparents or friends house. But today, on an average more than 50% of the working or corporate section of the society spends their leisure holidaying in an exotic destination. The need for relaxation and break from the work life is evident in the increase of travelers or tourists. The people who need rejuvenation or adventure experience can visit Karnataka, which is popularly called as one state and many worlds.

The state of Karnataka has a rich cultural and traditional history in the Southern India. The kings and emperors who ruled Karnataka has certain marked several places to exhibit their glory which is indirectly manifested as the tourist destination of today. The Hampi, Belur, Halebidu, Udupi, Kavaledurga, Kodachadri are some of the places which are renowned as historical places in Karnataka. Added to these features the tourism industry is grown since there are several industries that have invested in the hospitality sector. The result is the leisure resorts in Karnataka that exist today in different parts of the state.

The concept of homestay is also quiet popular among the travelers to Karnataka. Most of these homestays in Karnataka are located amidst the estates or plantations in rural places. They are the example of hospitality services that cater ethnicity and feast of typical lifestyle for the guests. You can go for a village walk, see how paddy cultivation happens, work on coffee or areca processing etc. You will be engaged in activities that are different to your mundane work habits. The holiday packages in Karnataka are designed exclusively for those who need a complete refreshing experience during a break in their busy work schedule