The power of greenery to heal human soul – Visit Malnad

Nature has a very powerful meaning in our life & its always around us. We are living because of its gift to all of us on earth. Every we live on this earth is a courtesy of mother nature to human beings. We have a lot to learn from the generosity of nature. Irrespective of who we are and what we do we are getting fresh oxygen to breath and water to drink. Our souls are touched by the enchanting character of nature.

If you want to experience how nature can distress or heal your soul. You must stay amidst greenery at least every fortnight. Travel Chords is one such brand working round the clock to create seamless holiday experience for you amidst the woods of Malnad. Many of the travelers who are visiting our destinations from past 15 years have one thing in common ‘love for nature. They have got married in these destinations & now they are bringing their children to have blissful experience.

There are several factors of nature holiday experiences. You have several destinations in Karnataka where you can go on a trek or indulge in adventure activities amidst nature. You can book homestays in Karnataka on Travel Chords and opt for exclusive adventure packages. You can customise your trip as per your holiday requirements in Karnataka. It takes only 5 mins of your valuable time to compare and book a stay on

Hotels in Karnataka – Book Online

The mind and body are at sync always and there is a need for relaxation after a continuous stretch of work. We are a group of softwear engineers who are planning to visit a nature holiday destination whenever we get leisure time. This time we all planned to drive to Karnataka from Tamil Nadu. We are residents of Chennai and for us the whole travel planner was done online by our travel partner in Karnataka called Travel Chords.

We all sat and planned for what we want in our itinerary before even starting for the hunt for hotels and adventure activities. There were a lot of options to explore for us and we were initially overwhelmed and confused with the available hotels. Then came the expert advice to help while choosing and reserving rooms at hotels and homestays in Karnataka. There were many places to visit and the time management was perfectly done in our itinerary.

There were initial confusions from our team members whether to choose hotel/resort/homestay in the place we are visiting. The inputs, options and budget given by the travel planner expert who was in touch with us realy helped. Lets get to the planner interval we all had during work. We got together in the evenings and called the helpline discussing and getting more ideas and itinerary options available while coming to Karnataka.

How to book hotels in Karnataka?
The holiday packages offered by hotels in Karnataka can vary from one to the other. Some of the amenities can be common to many hotels and some can be unique. Hotels or resorts can be chosen for more amenities. Whereas the homestay are good to explore village or estate lifestyle along with relishing best local cuisines. We tried both hotels and homestays in Karnataka with Travel Chords had equally a very relaxing and memorable experience. All our rooms or holiday packages are reserved online and without any hassles. Tourism is now fun and more technology enabled and we do saved a lot of time and money getting the right travel expert.

Getaway to resorts in Karnataka

Karnataka as a destination has a world famous name for its rich history, architecture, natural wonders… There are many places in Karnataka that you can visit repeatedly since one visit could not be sufficient to cover all the sightseeing places. The Karnataka holiday packages always include a fair list of places with itinerary planner for refreshment, rejuvenation and adventure in a balanced way. Plan your holiday in Karnataka with travel chords holiday services and get appropriate designer as per your individual requirements.

We all agree that since there are a lot of resorts with so many promotions it would be tough to choose or make a call while choosing a holiday destination. Now with online compare facility on a portal like travel chords the holiday planner is simplified and people can book their holiday much faster and sitting from their home or office. The resorts in Karnataka at travel chords can be compared with free quotes and booked online.

The resorts in Karnataka with their Tariff are displayed at travel chords and getaway packages are designed from our customer executives after speaking to you. Call now and get an appropriate place to stay while you are on your most memorable holiday and spending quality time with your friends and family. The lowest prices are guaranteed for our regular travelers and those who hold at least second time booking vouchers. Resorts in Karnataka booking offered online is free of cost and all you pay is the tariff, there is no fees or tax for any of the services rendered at travel chords.