The hotel and homestays businesses are looking forward for official nod from the Government of India to start business. Once the travelers start to look forward to visit your stays it’s very important you maintain all hygiene & sanitizations at your premises. If you have been lately reading a lot about the scepticism and the grey area, you need not have to worry if you want yourself, your staff and your guests equally feel safe at your premises. There is no way to compromise on the cleanliness at your homestay or hotel.

Some of the covid 19 tips we are giving to our partners & hosts at stays are as below. However you must also refer to government orders & regulations that will be out soon:

  1. Contactless booking support online
  2. Touchless check in
  3. Thermal scanning is must at entrances or any entry points
  4. Sanitize all incoming vehicles
  5. Collect guests’ travel history
  6. Disinfect guest luggage / baggage before entry
  7. All check ins post 24 hours of room sanitisation
  8. Touch-less service at dining
  9. Use of masks and sanitizers for staff and guests
  10. No staff to be allowed from containment zones

We all need to be aware that it’s a collective responsibility to stop the spread of virus. Covid 19 will be with us for at least next couple of years. There is nothing as the end date and after that everything is normal. We call it ‘New Normal’ that we all get accustomed to in coming months and years. If you are not sure about implementing required measures at your hotel its best to hire a consultant or take advice from companies like Travel Malnad®.