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Sundara Mahal Homestay

Sundara Mahal has been Home to five generations of our family over a century. Situated in Wayanad District of Kerala it stands as an elegant testimonial to the blessings and skills that have endured the test of time.

Generations have lived under this roof over periods that were truly transformational. From establishment of plantations to active participation in our Nation’s struggle for independence, through Stock market bubbles and Commodity price crashes, Sundara Mahal has provided with its ambience, solace to many as an ancestral home where one could truly relax the mind and regenerate the spirit


P.B. No 64,





Per Room / Per Adult : 3500

Childern above 5yr     : 500

Childern above 15yr   : 900

Childern Below 5yr     : Complementry

  • Big Screen TV with DTH
  • Internet
  • Workstation with music & Video collection & Library
  • Doctors are on call
  • Transport
  • Experienced Guides & masseurs
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