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Wild Craft Homestay

Dandeli Wild Craft is a based on adventure concept home stay located at Bamnagi Village which is 6 km away from Dandeli (Karnataka, India). Dandeli Wild Craft is suited for those looking for a jungle stay experience with a comfortable and decent accommodation. 

The location is naturally picturesque and you will enjoy walking the terrains.

Enquire for room availability and reserve your holiday now.


              Dandeli Wild Craft

              Bamnagi Village,

              Joida Road



(Per 1 night and 1 day and inclusive of break fast and note that we have only Non AC cottages)

Per Room Rs 1,200.00

Per Child above 10yr Rs 600.00

Per Child below 5yr (Complementry)

( Inclusive of the breakfast and the dinner for the children)

Check in & Check out

Check out will be 24 hours after Check in. You are free to Check in at any time of the day, though we prefer regular hours (5am to 10pm).

If you intend to stay for more than 8 hours beyond regular 24 hour periods, (Generally happens when you use train/bus as your means of transport) we will charge the additional time as 40% of daily rate.

For ex: If you arrive morning on Day 1 and leave at night on Day 3; we will charge for 2.4 days. To get precise rates for your stay, make sure you input check in and check out times accurately.

Cancellation Policy

In the event that you want to cancel a booking, please let us know so we can host another guest that might wish to visit us at the same time.



  •  4 cottages well furnished
  •  Hot water kettle
  •  Attached bath 
  •  Running hot and cold water
  •  Meals are served Buffet Style.
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