Homestay in Coorg – Come and witness the rain during monsoon

Coorg is one of the beautiful hillstations in Malnad region of Karnataka. The region is rich flora and fauna, besides that you will get to see gorgeous rainy season in this area. A lot of travelers visit this area exclusively to watch rainy season. You will get to see the real monsoon season by visiting Coorg during the month of July to September. Select a homestay and visit Coorg to experience the plantation or estate life during monsoon season.

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Homestays in Thirthahalli – Book Online

Thirthahalli is a township in Karnataka which is quite known among for its heritage of ‘Malnad Experience’ for the travelers. Many travelers visit this place during all seasons to enjoy nature and feel rejuvenated. There are many places in and around Thirthahalli with historical significances and a mix match of option for trekking and other adventure activities. Those who need a palpable experience of staying amidst the rich greenery of Malnad must visit Thirthahalli.

There are many homestays in Thirthahalli that are tucked in the beautiful landscapes of Malnad region. A prudent traveler will take an expert advice on the type of package and place to stay. Travel Malnad prides about some of the top class homestay services listed under its umbrella. Those who are planning a weekend getaway or a long duration holiday will get appropriate packages as per their individual requirements.

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Homestays and Resorts in Chikmaglaur – Packages

Hills, valleys, waterfalls, pleasant weather, good accommodation…. will make a holiday smoother. Those who need a serious break from their hectic work life and spend time amidst greenery should visit Chikmagalur. The coffee country in South India, Chikmagalur is a beautiful holiday destination and has a good number of homestays and resorts for accommodation. People from all walks of life coming to Chikmagalur for a holiday have told only one thing “Wow! We loved it!!!”

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