Travel the world to amalgamate yourself with abundant knowledge

Ancient books and scriptures indicate to us that travel is one of the integral parts of human activities. You can gain perspectives along with killing boredom by travelling and exploring new places and lifestyles. Why is the topic of travelling most relevant and important to present generation youngsters? Because we all live in a rat race on a daily basis. Be it a demonetization queue in the bank, at work place, at cinema ticket counter… we all try to reach early and get the first spot keeping everyone in the queue behind. It’s a rat race and sometimes we yearn to explore our inner self and its desire only when we are free from all schedules and meetings. Our body may be physically capable of doing hard work for long hours on continuous weeks chart but mind is a complex formation and it demands a break from you even though you are not ready for it. It is designed that way, we can stress our mind beyond certain limitations.

Most of us who run round the clock work schedule may not get time for travelling or visiting new places to refresh the mind. We at Travel Chords who have been serving travelers from more than decade has now evolved to give customized holidays where you enjoy thoroughly with your friends and family members. The best part of planning your holiday with us is the long list of destinations and unique homestays and resorts that we have listed. Each traveler will have a specific holiday requirement and we can tailor the package as per the tastes and preferences of our guests.

Our travel portal receives thousands of visitors daily and from all over the world. We are proud to have served foreigners also in accessing the best accommodation and holiday experience in India. We compare different variables of holidaying perspectives of travelers in designing packages. The experiences and preferences of travelers could be unique and sometimes when we share it would become a starting point to plan for others. Our expert teams keep sharing blogs, articles and travelogues on our portal which anyone can follow to use it for reference.

Coming to the knowledge in travel experience for travelers, it’s the most crucial thing for any individual who is constantly looking to refresh the mind with thoughts and experiences. During your holiday, You might come across a plantation management, farming, food processing, cultivation… that could become an inspiration for you in the long run in your professional journey. The lifestyles of people in different regions would be an inspiration in itself and when you get a chance to live it in your holiday it will be a tremendous experience. We have Agri-Tourism packages that gives you in depth knowledge about how different agricultural crops grown in the area you are visiting.

How to plan your sojourn? We at Travel Chords work with meticulousness and quickly plan your holiday with precision. You should contact us at least a week prior to your travel dates so that you will get more options for accommodation that best suits your requirements.

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Plan your dream holiday seamlessly at best rates with best itinerary

This millennium has witnessed a huge growth of tourism sector both in technology and infrastructure verticals. Many new destinations have emerged from nowhere and are catering to the needs of ever evolving tourists who keep looking for experiences beyond just the sightseeing. The industry is benefited from the participation of IT literate people who have introduced several online solutions to solve the problems of travelers.

As we all know that smartphones have changed the way we plan our holiday or book tickets to visit home from any part of the world. Throughout this fantastic journey the tour operators, travel agencies and online travel aggregators have played a crucial role in shaping the future of tourism industry. We also thank for the efforts put by several IT companies in developing several tools to have seamless holiday experience.

Tourists of today are empowered with several options at hand while planning trip and at the same time an expert advice will save a lot of your time and money. Travel Companies will come in to picture in designing the unbiased trip planned keeping in mind the most important requirements of travelers. The individual hotel website or Google search can give you only limited information but to make a planner comprehensive it is good to take expert inputs. That’s where the travel companies lend hand and organize your holiday at your dream destinations and make it a hassle-free experience.

Here’s just a brief list of some of the things you know much better than anyone:

  1. How to personalize your trip.

The travel agent or your consultant will be helpful in personalizing your holiday planner as per your requirements. The travel agent brings to table his experience to create itinerary that can be a reflection of traveler’s unique lifestyle. You will be able to shortlist the right destination and accommodation that meet your needs and budget. You can customize your package with travel itinerary for a seamless holiday experience.

  1. Local knowledge.

The local knowledge of your holiday consultant will be crucial in planning your trip giving authentic and traditional experience. In-destination experts will give you access to unique events, offbeat excursions, and unconventional itineraries.

  1. How to add value.

We at Travel Chords will be always updated about current and upcoming holiday promotions. So you can get best rates and several complimentary that can come along with the package.

  1. How to find a room when none seems to be available.

We will assist you in finding the best rooms and also right availability update of rooms. Though when hotel website says the rooms are full they are not actually sold out, they would by on hold for travel agencies and travel companies. We will find those details for you and help you book online.

  1. How to troubleshoot for you.

The value of a travel company kicks in when there is an emergency or major disaster. We can help you change flights, upgrade and rebook hotel rooms, change travel dates…

  1. How to ask about dietary restrictions.

Noting an increase in queries regarding dining options and food allergies, many agents have accrued a more in-depth knowledge of hotels and cruise lines that cater to individual health requirements, so they can recommend the best option for each client.


Greenery a soothing element for mind and soul

The power of nature is unlimited and people seek many things from it in different ways. The enchanting experience of staying amidst the nature is only perceived by few people. We at TravelChords have strived to bring some of the best places known for greenery, vegetation or bio diversity to you. The regions we cover are some of the top destinations in India. Most of our properties are nestled in the estates, plantation or forest region so you can expect soothing moments during your holiday.

We all know that our ancestors sought most of the remedies or medicines for diseases from nature. Our present generation too is aware of naturopathy and its benefits. Nature has a distinctive way of healing our pains and diseases. Some of the most common diseases could be boredom, depression, fatigue, mental drain… You will be rejuvenated when you just take a walk inside the forest or plantation.

The professionals who work hectic schedules and take a break to visit our estate homestays and resorts in South India have given feedback about the serene experience. Your mind and soul will be rejuvenated when you are staying amidst nature and relaxing. Currently we have several destinations for you to cover and adding up more places periodically. We have segregated areas depending on the vegetation, plantation or agriculture practices, you can simply log on to our website and start exploring.

Take a free quote online by simply filling the details of your travel plan and get best deals of the season on our portal. We are known for the deals given for our corporate teams and groups visiting our destinations.

Corporate and Group Booking Discounts for Homestays in Chikmagalur

Corporate teams from major cities in Karnataka are heading to Chikmagalur for their team outings and team building activities. Each month we are marking a considerable increase in number of teams visiting Chikmagalur booking our unique stays on our portal. Since we have the statistics in house we would like to share the same with you all. The homestay on our websites are the outstanding performers clubbed with TravelChords Corporate or Group Discounts. On one hand you are getting the best coffee estate stays and on the other our group discounts help you save a lot in your holiday budget and use it for transportation or miscellaneous purchase.

Wondering where to travel this winter? Or thinking where you will find best holiday discounts exclusively for corporate or group bookings? Its one stop solution called TravelChords which through its affiliate listing has some of the best stays in Chikmagalur with unique holidaying ideas. Our intention is clear, you are travelling with a team or group and everyone should enjoy the trip and help in greater team bonding. At the same time, we are cautious about the cost is either provided by your company or you have organized in your savings. It should be value for money and you should feel it’s worth spending.

The homestay we offer to you are cherry picked with intense scrutiny and review. So we take pride in offering some of the most memorable holiday destinations for corporate and groups planning to visit Chikkamgalore. The booking process is very simple, you can compare quotes for different category of homestay and resorts before proceeding for reservation. We are currently catering to some of the renowned IT & Non IT MNCs, Health Care, Manufacturing companies in Bangalore. Contact our holiday planner team for your next corporate or group bookings at Chikmagalur homestays.

Estate Stays in Chikmagalur for your memorable holidays

The coffee estates of Chikmagalur are splendid creations of the planters who have put their hearts and souls to maintain the beauty of nature. Earlier decades in the history of tourism have not seen much outside visitors who travelled to these places apart from friends and family members of planters. But in recent years with the boom of homestay tourism in these regions there is a considerable increase in tourist footfall; mainly from cities of India and abroad. The IT on one hand has played a crucial role in uplifting the homestay tourism across Karnataka. On the other, thanks to state government’s tourism friendly policies.

Though we tend to look for more amenities at resorts, it’s been quite common these days among guests to choose calm homestays in Chikmagalur for their holiday. Especially those who are living a busy schedule back in the cacophonic city life it’s like a blessing come in disguise. After your busy work schedules you can take a break and visit to any of our listed homestays that are aptly located right in the middle of the coffee estates and hilly terrains.

TravelChords as a company firmly believes and acknowledges the fact that it’s really not about selling rooms but catering experiences to our guests. We are determined in giving the best of best experiences that you can expect while visiting Chikmagalur through our affiliate homestays services. When you start your journey from any of the cities anywhere in India to Chikmagalur, the first thing you notice as you enter the greenery is a relaxed mind and fresh air to your nostrils. Many visitors have told us that they forgot their A/Cs in their cars moment the green terrains surrounded them while travelling.

There is no hype in any of these experiences and we have real time travel feedbacks from all our homestays and other accommodations which we consolidated to improve our services periodically. Now we accept all cards and even cash deposits for booking homestays which are remotely located in the green woods of Chikmagalur. You can compare homestays and pay your reservation payment online using any card or net banking facility on our portal. The secured booking service is powered by top class payment gateways and your reservation process takes only few minutes. Get a quote now and travel to Chikmagalur and stay at our homestays.

Homestay in Chikmagalur Holiday in hill station

Hill station places in Karnataka attracts a lot of visitors every year. Those who are coming to Chikmagalur can look for accommodation at homestays and experience the ethnicity and typical cuisines of Chikmagalur. There are many sightseeing places in and around Chikmagalur which could be planned in your itinerary. Spend your holiday at Chikmagalur homestay and refresh your mind and soul and return with fond memories.

There are many homestays located in the estates of Chikmagalur. The homestays could be far or deep in the nature. Locating them is made easy at portal like travel malnad. Choose the place that you want to visit, place a query and get quote to book homestays in Chikmagalur online. The rates for packages can vary from one homestay to the other and the rooms could be categorized into different types, the free quotes at travel malnad makes easy for travelers compare and book.

After choosing the homestay as per your requirements, travelers can do the room reservation at Chikmagalur homestay online. Take the confirmation in the name you want and do the prior reservation before starting your journey. The room availability can be updates as soon as the traveler places a query. To know more about Chikmagalur homestay facility contact Travel Malnad helpline at 09480595888.

Homestays in Chikmaagalur – Compare Quote & Book Online

The Chikmagalur region is most sort after holiday destination in Karnataka. The weekends are always completely filled with tourists at most of the sightseeing places in Chikmagalur. The coffee district in Karnataka has a moderate climate conditions and beautiful landscapes with hills, valleys, waterfalls, water streams and coffee estates which can sooth your mind and soul. Visit Chikmagalur at any season and unwind yourself amidst the nature.

There are many homestays in Chikmagalur located amidst the greenery. Those who want to spend a quality holiday time can visit these homestays and get an enchanting experience with the natural beauty around. There are many places located in and around the homestays that are worth visiting while you are Chikmagalur. The places are known for their historical significances and most of them are associated with nature.

The homestay in Chikmagalur can be compared with available quotes at travel chords without any hassles. Get quote as per your travel dates and requirements to compare and select the accommodation and package that can best suit your individual requirements. Online holiday reservation system has enabled travelers coming to Chikmagalur make a prior reservation of rooms before starting their journey. For more queries on homestay packages in Chikmagalur you can contact 09480595888.

Top homestays and resorts in Chikmagalur

Always couple of questions that weigh in the minds of the tourists is where to stay? What to do while visiting any place?. Those who are coming to Chikmagalur have to spend a little time planning their itinerary systematically. Time management is one of the major constraints that change travel planners of any tourist. Accommodation also plays an important portion in the holiday planner because that is where you are going to relax and refresh yourself.

There are top class homestays and resorts in and around Chikmagalur in Karnataka. How to figure out which is the good accommodation? This part of the holiday planner is simplified by travel portal like Travel Chords and Travel Malnad. The best homestays at Chikmagalur that is located in and around the beautiful landscapes are listed and promoted by travel chords. There is also a detailed description of the place, gallery, facilities and also online enquiry and reservation system for rooms.

Travel Chords has understood the pulse of the tourists who want to spend quality time in a location enjoying the nature as well the luxury of resorts in Chikmagalur. You can access information, get quote, compare quotes, compare the facilities of homestays and resorts in Chikmagalur in one shot and make an informed choice of room reservation while visiting Chikmagalur. Prior reservation system which is online saves a lot of time and also authenticates the room reservation with vouchers and receipt. What are you waiting for? Shop at travel chords, book holiday and travel to Chikmagalur.

Homestays and Resorts in Chikmaglaur – Packages

Hills, valleys, waterfalls, pleasant weather, good accommodation…. will make a holiday smoother. Those who need a serious break from their hectic work life and spend time amidst greenery should visit Chikmagalur. The coffee country in South India, Chikmagalur is a beautiful holiday destination and has a good number of homestays and resorts for accommodation. People from all walks of life coming to Chikmagalur for a holiday have told only one thing “Wow! We loved it!!!”

Let us take homestays in Chikmagalur first; we need to have a taste for trying local cuisines and living the ethnicity of Chikmagalur plantation life. There are many homestays in and around the chikmagalur area. Prudent travelers will be on a portal like travelmalnad to compare homestays and male an informed choice. The selection and booking facility for Chikmagalur homestays are available at travelmalnad online service.

As much as there are homestays, travelers will also find a lot of resorts in Chikmagalur that fall in standard, premium, luxury and star segments. How do one know the holiday planner idea? Where to compare? How to choose online? All your answers are at TravelMalnad, the professional holiday consulting services of Malnad region in Karnataka. Choose the best place for your holiday and spend your money for a worthy package.

Visit a homestay in Chikmagalur to experience the ethnicity

I’m a manager at a leading insurance company in India. I live in Mumbai working round the clock shifts, handling clients, meeting, travelling to different offices… My tight work schedule always demanded a break and a getaway to a silent place somewhere far in the green woods or plantations. I took a week long break last month and headed towards Karnataka. I found a beautiful place in the lap of nature tucked in the Chikmagalur district of Karnataka. My holiday was perfect and whatever I expected was less since I got a lot more thrilling experience.

I always love home cooked food and hospitality of a homestay wherever I travel within India. My travel partners in Karnataka Travel Malnad came up with very effective itinerary which helped me refresh and relax in the lap of nature. It was superb! I landed in Bangalore and hired a cab towards Chikmagalur. As our Innova drove through the hills and green terrains I was already rejuvenated. Seeing greenery is very comforting to human mind. When reached the homestay in Chikmagalur I was all the more at home and relaxing.

The expectations we had were very limited before all the facilities and warmth offered by the homestay. I loved it! Every day was comforting and rejuvenating for the mind and soul. I went for long walks and cycling and it gave me a very special experience being amidst the nature. My wife also enjoyed thoroughly, the gardens, recipes, customs… The home made wine served to us at night was a appetite teaser and accordingly we were served a sumptuous food. Hey pals, visit homestays in Chikmagalur, they are special, luxurious and welcomes you open armed.