Tiger Dance – A popular dance genre in Malnad Region

Many of you wouldn’t have even heard about something called as “Tiger Dance” which is celebrated dance art form which still exists in the Malnad region of Karnataka. This is an original dance formats that originated and evolved in the Malnad and Coastal regions of Karnataka and later spread to all other regions. The dance art format was among one of the favorites of kings and governors who ruled these regions in the past.

This dance form involves artists to dress themselves as real tigers with a masks and the skin painted with strokes of tiger looking exactly like a tiger out of the cage.  The painstaking costumes for these dancers are done by expert artists. It’s literally painting done on the bodies of these tiger dancers. The night before the start of their dancing journey begins with extensive hours spent on intricate painting on the skin of the dancers including the face.

The dance is popular during the Deepavali or Diwali festival and Dussera season. These dancers in batches visit every shop in the town and even houses located in nearby villages. It will be a feast for the eye to watch the acrobatic dance skills of the well trained dancers. The dance moves are matched to the drum beats and few of the dancers do extreme gymnastic stunts during their performance. They keep their momentum and stamina by biting and inhaling the lemon because, the costume on dancers sometimes would be burning their skin during a hot summer day.

You must travel to these places to witness the authenticity of this dance format. We have travel experts who can intimate during these seasons and hook you up an accommodation so that you enjoy the most of it watching it live or even dance with them for the tune. If you are looking to contact these dancers to have a performance at your events or for a cultural function you can reach them by writing an email to us.

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Thirthahall – Tucked in the heart of Malnad

We are living in a generation which is techno friendly and 24×7 busy online. The world that may be heading in a jet setting lifestyle is not away from nature. Those who are living the IT hub of India Bengaluru, there are umpteen options to relax amidst the nature. The desire and passion to explore is doubled with people opening up to staying the estates and experiencing the plantation lifestyle. We are one of the pioneer companies who introduced a lot of travelers to the greener parts of Karnataka in South India. One such destination is Thirthahalli. A township on the banks of River Tunga is so immaculately maintained and an apt destination for those looking for relaxing by staying in the nature.

If you are a connoisseur of nature and want a real break from your entire city and work life then here is a fantastic location. You can call this as paradise in malnad which caters to the traveling community in a big way from recent years. We all have expectations, desires, and adventurous hearts and foremost is taste for holidaying. Understanding the pulse of every traveler is the concern shown by TravelChords team from the day one of its inception. Our customer support and consolidated travel services has given travelers a flexibility of choosing properties rather than sticking to only few properties if they had a membership.

The authentic experience of holidaying is guaranteed for every traveler with value for money packages from TravelChords. With a great support from our sister concern TravelMalnad services the places are cherry picked and activities are carefully designed for each and every traveler. The itineraries are not sold here but meticulously executed to bring out utmost holidaying experiences for our guests. There are exclusive corporate discount vouchers too when you book a holiday.

There are several hotels, homestays and resorts in Thirthahalli to offer first class accommodation and food services. When you start planning your holiday, log on to our website and start shopping for the best homestays, hotels and resort options. There are no fees or charges for any of the services offered by us. Only the tariff will be paid for reservation of rooms and the bookings can be made using our secured payment gateway. Get free quote now and book holiday packages in thirthahalli.

Thirthahalli and surroundings – Mystique Malnad

The lands unknown will always excite us while we plan for a holiday and design the same to explore the places around. Such is the place called Thirthahalli, which is famously called as the “Heart of Malnad”. The names tagged to this place are plenty, famous personalities, historic wonders, famous waterfalls are all part of Thirthahalli’s legenadary stories. We are presenting to our readers some of the places and their importance when you are planning a holiday to Thirthahalli. There are many sightseeing places and you got to have a prior planner to cover places without wasting much time.

Guide to travelers:

How many night or days stay is required to cover?

Normally we recommend 2 nights and 3 days minimum stay to cover sightseeing places in and around Thirthahalli. If you are having an idea to have rejuvenation and adventure activities then we would suggest you plan for 3 nights and 4 days minimum. So that you get ample time to relax as well as cover most sightseeing places.

Do you have corporate/group packages available?

Certainly, we do offer corporate and group packages for Pan India visitors to Thirthahalli. We have excelled in this service with good amount experience in providing transport as well as accommodation as per the requirements of the travelers. The packages are custom designed in some cases and there are also set packages for your reference.

Are there good accommodation in Thirthahalli?

Yes, there are very good and luxurious homestay, resort and hotel accommodation in Thirthahalli. A lot of tourists travel to Thirthahalli from across many places and are given accommodation through our services with 24×7 customer support. We give one point solution to all your travel needs in Karnataka.

How early should we reserve rooms?

Normally, we encourage travelers to do a reservation at least a week prior to their travel schedule. Especially, during weekends the rooms are accustomed to running full and its better to take reservation to avoid last minute congestions. Since we have inventory of more number of rooms, we can give accommodation to you without fail.
Are there special discounts given for regular travelers?

Yes, we have a program which we call as “Golden Travelers” we do document your travel bookings with us and each time you call or email us your enquiries are specially processed and discount vouchers* are applied. For more information speak to our customer support team.

Do I have to pay anything extra for any services availed from you?

No, we do not charge a single rupee for any of the holiday services offered to our guests. The room reservations are made as per the hotel tariff and you pay only that. There could be Govt taxes, which is every hotel’s duty to collect and that will be included in the Tariff in your voucher. So no service charges or extra cost for any of our services.

How to compare hotels?

This is one of the most common questions asked by our users. We recommend you to compare quotes using our home page “Compare Hotel” form. Spare few seconds, telling your name and budget and get free quotes from several hotels/homestays/resorts in the area you are visiting.

How do I make a reservation?

Once you select a property as per your individual requirements. “Enquire” room availability by hitting the button on the top of each hotel page. You will get an instant email with availability update as per number of rooms requested. You could pay online or pay by cash to make an online reservation of your rooms. The payment terms will be subject to terms and conditions of the hotel and you pay only the tariff price.

These are only a few of many questions that our guests ask on a regular basis. You are most welcome to contact our customer support either by writing an email or calling the numbers provided on the website. Have a pleasure holiday experience with affordable and comprehensive packages.

Homestays and resorts in Thirthahalli

Thirthahalli Homestays – Compare Quotes

The reviews of travelers and ratings after their visits to homestays in Thirthahalli certainly give an insight or an idea for the new visitor while booking holiday. We all know that the nature has a superb healing power on human beings. There are many homestays in Thirthahalli located in and around the area with quality accommodation and top class amenities that can best suit traveler’s needs. Get free quotes at travel chords and compare facilities before booking holiday using simple online steps.

You might be travelling from any part of the world to homestays in Thirthahalli and need a reservation of room, travel chords has a solution that you spend a little time online and finish the process. The reservation details will help you travel peacefully least bothered about rooms when you arrive in the destination. There is dedicated customer support team who also assist you to plan your itinerary and then book holidays.

Thirthahalli homestay packages are designed keeping in mind both small and big groups arriving for sightseeing, adventure or just relaxing. Tell your requirements and get an appropriate quote that can best suit your individual requirements. The booking could be done for the dates of your travel by not spending much time on the portal. The user friendly access to homestays in thirthahalli with detailed information has made several hundreds of thousand travelers return back with fond memories after covering all activities and sightseeing places. To know more about homestays in Thirthahalli contact 09480595888.

Thirthahalli – Adventure, Rejuvenation and Heritage in Combo

Thirthahalli a township in Karnataka is well known for its exotic locations and malnad lifestyle. Those who want to take a break and spend time in an exclusive locality can visit Thirthahalli. There are several places in and around which are known for their historical and heritage importance. Those who have a 3 days and 4 nights time for holiday can plan their itinerary in Thirthahalli. This place has many trekking spots as well as natural wonders. Places like Jog Falls and Agumbe can leave you mesmerized.

There are many homestays and resorts in this area. Most of them are located in exotic locality and offer malnad hospitality. Those who want to stay close to nature and indulge in activities that can refresh them amidst the nature can choose to visit Thirthahalli. Homestays in Thirthahalli can be accessed at Travel Malnad and booked online from across India.

There is a better railway and roadway connectivity to Thirthahalli. The nearest railway station to Thirthahalli is Shimoga and nearest airport can be Mangalore. Those who wish to visit Thirthahalii from any states f India can book tickets as per the convenience and reach any of the homestay or resort using our holiday services online. Book your holiday in Thirthahalli and take a break from the cacophony city life.