Celebrating different seasons of nature

If you are a travel enthusiast and have travelled places with a zeal for exploration then you will love to read this piece of blog. The team over here is constantly figuring out how to design journeys and bring tourists close to nature for memorable holiday experiences. In the quest get these ideas and methods to design holiday packages we were successfully able to promote summer holiday places for their cool climate and fun activities in last couple of months.  Now its monsoon, the grandeur of nature will be of its own kind and you will love to watch water droplets from the sky falling on nature’s lap.

Yes, its monsoon again in Karnataka and Kerala regions that you have already researched for holidaying in the past. This season is unique and you will be thrilled if you are driving to our destinations from any of the cities where you are living currently. It’s special because of its climate conditions pampered with steady rains and greenery everywhere. This season not just brings new lease of life for the biodiversity but can also rejuvenate the soul of those witnessing and indulging in it.

We never deny the fact that not everyone can enjoy the monsoon season. It’s a special feeling which only few tourists understand and decide to explore places during this season. The number of tourists will be lesser compared to any other season hence it makes the destinations less crowded and for your benefit the prices on tariff will be also slashed by us. You can get discounted rates from us for homestays and resorts in Karnataka to enjoy your monsoon breaks. Contact us for special discount vouchers and book your holiday now.

Holiday Packages in Karnataka – Designed to cater best vacations

There was a time when you ask anyone where are you going for holidays? The answer was, we are visiting our grandparents or friends house. But today, on an average more than 50% of the working or corporate section of the society spends their leisure holidaying in an exotic destination. The need for relaxation and break from the work life is evident in the increase of travelers or tourists. The people who need rejuvenation or adventure experience can visit Karnataka, which is popularly called as one state and many worlds.

The state of Karnataka has a rich cultural and traditional history in the Southern India. The kings and emperors who ruled Karnataka has certain marked several places to exhibit their glory which is indirectly manifested as the tourist destination of today. The Hampi, Belur, Halebidu, Udupi, Kavaledurga, Kodachadri are some of the places which are renowned as historical places in Karnataka. Added to these features the tourism industry is grown since there are several industries that have invested in the hospitality sector. The result is the leisure resorts in Karnataka that exist today in different parts of the state.

The concept of homestay is also quiet popular among the travelers to Karnataka. Most of these homestays in Karnataka are located amidst the estates or plantations in rural places. They are the example of hospitality services that cater ethnicity and feast of typical lifestyle for the guests. You can go for a village walk, see how paddy cultivation happens, work on coffee or areca processing etc. You will be engaged in activities that are different to your mundane work habits. The holiday packages in Karnataka are designed exclusively for those who need a complete refreshing experience during a break in their busy work schedule

Homestays in Karnataka – Malnad and Western Ghats region

The number of visitors to Karnataka has increased over the years as the tourism has grown widespread. The travelers are choosing homestays in Karnataka for their accommodation to experience the ethnicity and vivacity of the destination they are visiting. You can try out local food habits, customs and lifestyle and live with them as one among them and feel rejuvenated in a homestay. By choosing to reside in a homestay you can be a part of the ethnic Karnataka and go back home all refreshed.

Though there are plenty homestays that are spread and rendering the service to the travelers, only few homestays are rated high for their exclusivity in service and hospitality. Challenge is how to choose the best homestay in Karnataka and get a room reservation for you and your family or team, especially while you are travelling from a far off place and the answer is Travel Malnad. You can visit around the places and come back to homestay for relaxation while you are in Karnataka homestays.

Which is the appropriate time to visit Karnataka and specially Malnad region? This is one of the common questions our clients raise while planning their holiday with us. There is different time frame for travelers with variety tastes and preferences. Those who love to see the mesmerizing rains in the monsoon can visit Malnad during June – August. Those who love to trek and do adventure camping can after the monsoon and at any time. Those who need a break from their hectic work life can visit homestays in Malnad anytime and every time you visit rejuvenation is guaranteed.