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The digital age has not ignored its influence on the niche segments like rural tourism, homestays reservation and resort bookings. The digitization of rooms’ reservation by companies like Travel Chords is significant and has promoted widely to audiences looking for rural tourism or estate stays across Karnataka. You would be sitting anywhere in India or across the border, the online booking facility not just enables you to hold a room for your holiday but after a thorough comparison of all the parameters involved. The concerns of travelers about safety, quality of rooms, hygiene, tasty food, nearby sightseeing… is all answered by TravelChords’s portal today for those visiting Karnataka or any Estate properties for holiday in South India.

There are several destinations in Karnataka and numerous activities or sightseeing places to cover, how will you determine what’s best for you? Speak to an expert or if you are too busy just drop an email between your spare time at office. The holiday services offered by TravelChords are highly customizable and gives you an edge over your trip editing process before you arrive at actual itinerary. We have consolidated all best things that you would love to explore during your holiday with your loved ones. The packages are offered as a nutshell with combination of adventure, relaxation, nature, learning and rejuvenation.

Our agri tourism places are some of the best locations in Karnataka if you are interested in Nature, photography, bird watching, waterfalls, valleys, mountains, trekking, Cycling in Nature, village life, local cuisines, plantation trails… The partner stays we offer you are pre checked holidays with guaranteed fun and memorable experience. We are not a room selling company but we sell you the best experience for you and your loved ones which can bring you back to these destinations frequently.

Every traveler is like a philosopher and philosophers will have a philosophy on their actions. The planning of your trip is a precious endeavor and you could possibly end up adding elements to your trips that can make it more exciting. Our company’s presence in this domain from past 12 years is a combination of a great philosophy, ethics towards planning, transparency in details… When we are planning your trip, we consider it the most responsible duty entrusted to us and we handle it professionally. In return you can save your time and money.

TravelChords offers the fastest online reservation facility for these plantation or estate homestays in south India. You can check availability, get room details, tariff, best discounts, cashback vouchers, gifts and reserve your stay using your credit, debit card or net banking online. All this can be completed without spending much of your valuable time.


The only journey is the journey that satisfies the soul

Travel and tourism is one of the very old industry in the commerce and has innovated and developed with mulititudes after the impact of technology. Planning a holiday today to any part of the globe will not take much toll as it used to be in the past decade. People are enabled today to shop at ease and get details in seconds. All these miracles are possible because of the constant surge in the quality of internet services and the travel website companies who has put heart and soul to cater good experiences for travelers.

Distance to any holiday destination looks less as the roads are good and you will get to stay at quality homestays and resorts. In this busy and mechanical work life world, a room to escape and explore places gives a great satisfaction. We at TravelChords are committed to bring best holiday destinations to your table and help you spend your leisure meaningfully with friends and family.  There are several places listed with us which are cherry picked by our holiday experts.

The journey to any destination should be smooth which will leave a lasting memory in your mind. We have destinations that are popular for their own ethnicity and historical importance and at the same time are at drivable distances from all major cities. The team is proudly and successfully running its 10th year in the holiday and leisure industry and is constantly promoting best experiences. Spend some time comparing holiday places in South on our portal and plan your trip.

Understanding the lifestyles of different places

We are a group of professionals who work for different MNCs spread all over India. We get chance to travel on work to many places in and around India. This write up is conceived by all of us who are called ‘The Explore Club’ which comprises around 40 people from different walks of life but a single interest of “exploring destinations and lifestyles” as the motto. The team has travelled extensively to different places all over India. The places are often chosen by one or more of team members who have already travelled for work or vacation. And we all plan up, fix dates and depart from one point to these places.

This time the journey we made to the Southern parts of India was an incredible one. To begin with, we all work at different time zones and at companies with tight schedules. This time we planned for 6 night and 7 days travel planner that would help us really unwind ourselves and come back to work refreshed. 3 new joinees for the team were deeply thrilled and all set to take a memorable expedition. Many in the team were busy seeking leave, speaking to family etc while the core members of the team were all working on the planner to make sure it without any hitches.

As far as the planner or itinerary is concerned we were pretty clear to add natural places in the priority list for visiting. Suggestions were plenty from friends and family members but we landed on TravelChords portal which gave us insight to lot of new things and adventures which we could do and may have missed them in our list. That’s where our journey began with travel planning with expert advisors who were courteous, patient and answered all our queries over and over again. Thanks your team TravelChords, you guys really rock and made our planning effort such hassle free we don’t even remember anything that as ‘we missed’ or ‘could have done’.

After visiting Hampi, we know the grandeur of Karnataka and after seeing the birth place of a Poet in Thirthahalli we realize how art and culture is rich even in the remotest corners of Karnataka. The trip we did was a most memorable trip for all the team members, that’s where we all got together to draft this piece of article that might help other travelers visiting Karnataka. We have explained our journey route and things we did and tried to cover as much as we can honestly.

Day 1

Arrival in Bangalore International Airport and pick up by Bus organized by TravelChords Team and an escort to make us feel at home. Check in to Business hotel in Bangalore as it’s only a night stay, we do not opted for luxury resort/homestay accommodation here.

Day 2

Started towards Hampi early morning from Bangalore, visited the historic place and covered all places in and around Hampi. Stayed at Hospet at a luxury hotel booked by TravelChords. The stay was awesome and a real refreshing experience from our long distance travel.

Day 3

Left Hospet around noon and arrival at Thirthahalli in the night for dinner at a homestay and we had booked here for 2 Nights and 3 Days package. The homestay was amidst the estates and the greenery captivated us and the bonfire in the evening was a relaxing experience.

Day 5

Started towards to Chikmagalur, the coffee country in the South and were made to stay in a homestay amidst coffee estates. The location was superb, clean and calm and gave us a superb view of the Muliangiri hills.

Day 6

As pre the schedule, we started early in the morning and headed back to Bangalore and straight to BIA and caught our respective flights. The sleep that night had reminded our entire trip like a dream in our eyes. We all had come back enjoying thoroughly.

Knowing places and people is our passion always and we continue to explore. If you are interested to visit South India and especially Karnataka or Kerala then call up these guys who can give you a confident approach to travel planning. To get more inspiration visit 8 figure dream lifestyle.

Karnataka tourism experience

The days of hectic work, busy schedule, work life makes us think of taking break and going for an exotic destination to unwind and refresh. We are a team of enthusiastic travelers who are working at a corporate company in Delhi. This time we thought of taking a long holiday. Our holidays were accumulated together to utilize for a reviving holiday experience. We all chose to visit Karnataka this time. Many in the team were skeptic about the south Indian tour we were planning. But we were guided by expert travel advisers that helped us know our itinerary precisely with proper time management.

This travelogue is dedicated to all my friends who joined this expedition and turned this trip to a successful one. There were a lot of calculations, planners, budget allocations… we all sat and jolted at a coffee shop at Delhi. The whole planner itself was very exciting. Since we knew that we have chosen some of the most romantic and popular holiday destinations in Karnataka. The planner was designed and redesigned to incorporate everyone’s requirements and suggestions to make it a comprehensive one.

The biggest part of our travel planner was choosing destination, accommodation there and nice sightseeing places around. Most of us were not that great aware of the geography of Karnataka. Couple of us in the team were in fact had misconceptions on couple of places. When we finally explored Karnataka we got a clear picture and enjoyed each bit of our travel and stay. Thanks again to the travel planners made by Travel Chords. We salute you for giving the most transparent information and advice on our travel planner.

Homestays in Karnataka and resorts that suggested for our stay was really amazing. All were carefully chosen as per our holiday requirements. We could online reservation of rooms at ease sitting at Delhi and peacefully. Our holiday packages and rooms were reserved with secured transactions and we most comfortable while traveling to Karnataka. This experience and many other photos are updated on our blog section. With this blog we are acknowledging the best travel support given by Travel Chords team.

There were many sightseeing places we covered on the way to most of the destinations in Karnataka. That actually saved a lot of our time. Not to forget the fact we also could get a chance to shop a bit at all the destinations. The best part is where we went for a water stream at one of the homestay and played till late in the evening. It was a private property and only room guests were allowed to the stream. We all miss you dear hosts at the homestay and we will sure make another trip to Karnataka and experience the many worlds in it!!!

Mr Das and Team,

Homestays in Chikmagalur – Book Online

Chikmagalur, also called as coffee country in Karnataka is one of the hot spot for travelers who look for adventure and rejuvenation in combo. If you are tired of the cacophonic city life and need to take a break, then Chikmagalur is the appropriate destination to visit. There are places for adventure as well as to see the nature at its glory. Places like Bababudangiri, Mulianagiri, Kemmangundi, Kudhremukh are appreciated by nature lovers.

Those who want to experience the ethnicity of Chikmaglur can choose stay in a homestay. Homestays in Chikmagalur are spread across the lengths and breadths and amidst the coffee estates. These estate homestays offer a heritage and hospitable accommodation for the travelers. There are many homestays and shopping at Travel Malnad help you choose the best homestay that suits your requirements and make an advance reservation of rooms.

The booking of homestay in Chikmagalur can be processed online and travelers can complete this in a matter of spending few minutes. The reservation of room can ease you from the tension of accommodation while you are travelling from a far off place. The roads between Chikmagalur and other major cities in Karnataka are very good and you can reach the place without any hassles. Book your holiday in a homestay in Chikmagalur to experience the authentic malnad.