Top homestays and resorts in Chikmagalur

Always couple of questions that weigh in the minds of the tourists is where to stay? What to do while visiting any place?. Those who are coming to Chikmagalur have to spend a little time planning their itinerary systematically. Time management is one of the major constraints that change travel planners of any tourist. Accommodation also plays an important portion in the holiday planner because that is where you are going to relax and refresh yourself.

There are top class homestays and resorts in and around Chikmagalur in Karnataka. How to figure out which is the good accommodation? This part of the holiday planner is simplified by travel portal like Travel Chords and Travel Malnad. The best homestays at Chikmagalur that is located in and around the beautiful landscapes are listed and promoted by travel chords. There is also a detailed description of the place, gallery, facilities and also online enquiry and reservation system for rooms.

Travel Chords has understood the pulse of the tourists who want to spend quality time in a location enjoying the nature as well the luxury of resorts in Chikmagalur. You can access information, get quote, compare quotes, compare the facilities of homestays and resorts in Chikmagalur in one shot and make an informed choice of room reservation while visiting Chikmagalur. Prior reservation system which is online saves a lot of time and also authenticates the room reservation with vouchers and receipt. What are you waiting for? Shop at travel chords, book holiday and travel to Chikmagalur.

Homestays in Chikmagalur – Best choice for travelers

I have been visited many destinations across the globe in search of exclusivity, solace, experience.. So was the case when I visited Chikmgalur, the coffee country in Karnataka. My friends and family members who live in Bangalore have already given a fairly good narration about Chikmangalur as a sightseeing and holiday place. I work as a consultant and in my free time I do invest my time exploring places that are unique and popular for one or the other reason. I was thrilled to visit Chikmagalur since it is in Malnad and a land of forest and greenery.

Wow!!! my friends envied me in Delhi when I broke the news that I’m visiting Karnataka and Malnad region. They said you go this time and next time all of us plan a get together there. Certainly! I love to introduce the best place that I visit to my good friends and colleagues to try when they plan for their holiday. I usually take a help of local holiday makers or tour operators to get a perspective of a place that I’m visiting. So is the case this time I chose Travel Malnad to be my travel planner and they did it marvelously…

I flew from Delhi to Bangalore with a heart full of expectations to see Karnataka and walk in the jungles of Chikmagalur. I landed in Bangalore and met few my friends and left to Chikmgalur without wasting much time since I had only 5 days in hand. The place which I had imagined was beyond all that I had dreamt. My heart said, this is it boy!!! You will love it!!! I stayed in a luxury homestay in Chikmagalur booked by Travel Malnad and it was a pleasure. I tried the best cuisines, best homemade wines and burnt my calories doing activities (jogging, cycling) in nature.

I could visit all the sightseeing places in and around Chikmagalur leisurely since I was there for a long holiday. I would suggest even those who go for weekend getaway from Bangalore can spend time meaningfully for a night stay or a 2 nights stay in a homestay in Chikmgalur. Next time I will bring my whole family for a perfect get together amidst the greenery of Malnad. I have stopped speaking about the coffee country in Karnataka even though it’s almost a month after I’m back from Chikmagalur.

Homestays in Chikmagalur – Exotic and Ethnic

The perspective of the traveler has changed a lot over the years. Today, it is not just seeking a holiday from your employer but spending the same time effectively by holidaying in a exotic destination. The travel enthusiasts have switched to choose homestay accommodation not just to have an experience of the culture and ethnicity but also to try typical cuisines. The options to choose holidays has also increased manifold with creative holiday planners or tour promoters.

The homestay in Chikmagalur has picked up in terms of offering quality hospitality and experience of ethnicity for the traveler. You might be a software engineer, lecturer, businessmen, house wife, architect or anybody, Chikmagalur in Malnad region has the best nature experience for you to offer. The terrains of this region are splendid and beyond your imagination. Choose these homestays in Chikmagalur after spending ample time on travel portal like

The homestays can offer family, honeymoon, group packages for the travelers as per their individual requirements. The holiday planner is designed as per the duration of stay, expectation of adventure and rejuvenation. The homestays in Chikmagalur has it all that you name as the important needs during holidaying. The places are fully secured and you will be given utmost personal attention while you are holidaying in a homestay.