Top weekender getaway destinations from Bangalore

One can drive away from Bangalore to some of the most popular and tranquil destinations suitable for weekenders. If you are a nature loving person and love to spend their weekend breaks meaningfully then you should visit Malnad in Karnataka. There are several places that can mesmerize the Bangalore visitors on their weekend breaks by visiting Malnad. There are several hotspots you can cover from Bangalore and there are beautiful landscapes to relish your mind and soul.

Travel Malnad and you will unravel a lot about yourself. You can spend quality time amidst nature and feel elevated in your spirits. No matter what season of the year you are planning, Maland homestays has everything to offer you. The waterfalls, valleys, estates, forests, trekking, malnad cuisine… are some of the items to name for your holiday.

Malnad woods are lovely, dark, deep and you will love to have your big day in the lush green environs of the forest. A lot of visitors now are opting for estate homestays and resorts around Malnad region using Travel Malnad. Imagine your dream holiday surrounded by pristine wilderness to the tune of birdsong and the roar of cozy rivers. That’s Malnad! And you will find it wherever you are travelling and staying at TravelMalnad services.

The forest regions in Malnad is isolated and not too crowded like typical tourist destinations and this gives an edge of serenity to your vacation. But be a responsible traveler and adhere to environmental laws while you are celebrating amidst the nature. Fireworks and loud music is harmful and cause damages to wildlife in Malnad.

Your holiday will be incomplete without experiencing the great Malnad Cuisines. The delicacies of this region or traditional and often makes you feel at home. Most of the stays offer authentic Malnad Cuisine and you will love the flavors. We recommend you plan your holiday and book a stay well in advance because weekends are accustomed to full house bookings. Contact our expert team on 9480595888 or 9480565888 to customize your itinerary.

Culinary journey in Malnad region of Karnataka

When you are travelling to any destination for your holiday one of the most important query on your mind can be about the food at the place you are staying. It is more important for a memorable trip to have best food as part of the holiday package you choose to have complete itinerary. Many would assume that they can find the food as they travel and actually it may not be true when you are visiting an area like malnad in Karnataka. To try the typical Malnad lifestyle and culinary delights you must choose a nice homestay or resort at TravelMalnad. The home cooked preparations can be always tasty and special as opposed to typical South Indian restaurants in the region, which you assume to explore as part of your meals requirement on the trip.

A prudent traveler who love to explore the culinary delicacies of the destination they are visiting will not miss a place like Malnad in Karnataka. The region is home to several delicious cuisines that are originated from here and is famous all over Karnataka. If you are visiting Karnataka then you must cover Malnad Region in your itinerary because this is the place that hosts the best homestays and resorts as well as chosen for food safaris by different connoisseurs of food and beverages industry people every year on our travel portals.

Which are the special dishes of Malnad Region?

There are a host of names of dishes that bring a lot of travelers to this region. We have tried to mention only a few of them here. Some of the dishes are Akki Rotti, Kadabu, Kadamputtu, Benne Kadabu, Neeru Dosa, Halasina Kadabu, Pundy Curry, Aape, Hurli Kattu (Horse gram curry), Kotte Kadabu… There are other dishes which are seasonal and you must visit us and try all of them during those seasons.

How to choose your stay?

The Travel Malnad team has made it simple for holiday makers in Malenadu region by categorizing the stays for different experiences. You can choose from us particular malnad homestays well known for the best food services offered with authentic malnad dishes on their menu. Our travel experts can help you the best option as per your requirement.

Plan your dream holiday seamlessly at best rates with best itinerary

This millennium has witnessed a huge growth of tourism sector both in technology and infrastructure verticals. Many new destinations have emerged from nowhere and are catering to the needs of ever evolving tourists who keep looking for experiences beyond just the sightseeing. The industry is benefited from the participation of IT literate people who have introduced several online solutions to solve the problems of travelers.

As we all know that smartphones have changed the way we plan our holiday or book tickets to visit home from any part of the world. Throughout this fantastic journey the tour operators, travel agencies and online travel aggregators have played a crucial role in shaping the future of tourism industry. We also thank for the efforts put by several IT companies in developing several tools to have seamless holiday experience.

Tourists of today are empowered with several options at hand while planning trip and at the same time an expert advice will save a lot of your time and money. Travel Companies will come in to picture in designing the unbiased trip planned keeping in mind the most important requirements of travelers. The individual hotel website or Google search can give you only limited information but to make a planner comprehensive it is good to take expert inputs. That’s where the travel companies lend hand and organize your holiday at your dream destinations and make it a hassle-free experience.

Here’s just a brief list of some of the things you know much better than anyone:

  1. How to personalize your trip.

The travel agent or your consultant will be helpful in personalizing your holiday planner as per your requirements. The travel agent brings to table his experience to create itinerary that can be a reflection of traveler’s unique lifestyle. You will be able to shortlist the right destination and accommodation that meet your needs and budget. You can customize your package with travel itinerary for a seamless holiday experience.

  1. Local knowledge.

The local knowledge of your holiday consultant will be crucial in planning your trip giving authentic and traditional experience. In-destination experts will give you access to unique events, offbeat excursions, and unconventional itineraries.

  1. How to add value.

We at Travel Chords will be always updated about current and upcoming holiday promotions. So you can get best rates and several complimentary that can come along with the package.

  1. How to find a room when none seems to be available.

We will assist you in finding the best rooms and also right availability update of rooms. Though when hotel website says the rooms are full they are not actually sold out, they would by on hold for travel agencies and travel companies. We will find those details for you and help you book online.

  1. How to troubleshoot for you.

The value of a travel company kicks in when there is an emergency or major disaster. We can help you change flights, upgrade and rebook hotel rooms, change travel dates…

  1. How to ask about dietary restrictions.

Noting an increase in queries regarding dining options and food allergies, many agents have accrued a more in-depth knowledge of hotels and cruise lines that cater to individual health requirements, so they can recommend the best option for each client.


Nature is the God who blesses us discreetly

Spirituality has several interpretations and philosophies attached to it. One of the dimensions of it is entrenched in the beauty of Nature. We are going to be mesmerized or soothed by the unmatchable beauty of Mother Nature one or the other day. Some of us acknowledge it immediately and some keep searching for its meaning until it’s experienced. That’s the specialty of Nature and has been worshiped by our ancestors from several decades. Many of our festivals are centric around celebrating the magnanimity of the natural wonders around us.

As we are engrossed in the current technologically forward lifestyles and jet setting schedules we don’t get time to even look at the flower in our own garden that has blossomed this morning. We would be on a phone call or struck in the traffic while we are crossing a beautiful park in our city. We do not get time to even imagine that we are spending our weekend amidst the forests or green woods along with our family. Thanks to the urbanization and modern lifestyles which has kept our children completely disconnected with nature. They no more play in the mud or even touch the soil as our sophistication and gadget craze has made them ignorant about nature.

Our analysis is showing that now with increasing in number of homestays and resorts in estates and forest areas of India more and more people are visiting nature regularly. It’s a good news for parents in cities who would love to send their kids on a children’s camp in some of the homestays located amidst nature and do things like bullock cart ride, farming, trekking, and playing in water, team building activities… The awareness is growing among all of us who are very busy in the rat race that we should shape the future of our children by giving them opportunities to do activities and learn amidst the magnificence of Mother Nature.

The discreet god called nature is blessing us daily in the form of a breeze, rain, cool temperature or even with fluttering of leaves. All we have to do is to keep our senses open to the nature around us and be sensitive to it. Why the temperature is soaring in cities? Is it because nature is at wrong? No, we should blame ourselves for increasing number of vehicles than planting more trees in the cities. We should consider our younger generation as they might be the one who will face the brunt of destruction caused to nature by us.

If you are a nature lover and have plans to visit a quiet place amidst the green woods in any parts of South India you can write to us at or call our hotlines at 9480595888 / 9480565888 / 9187272472. We will be more than happy to be at your service to organize your family or group visit to beautiful destinations and experience the enchanting moments amidst nature.

Visit: (Visit Nature Destinations in Malnad Karnataka)

The experience of travelling when perceived as a philosophy

Traveling is an age old activity for human beings to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. In a way it’s an escape from the current world to the world of other lifestyles, cuisines, and landscapes peppered with an all new routine. The slight change in your routine would sometimes result in discovering inner strengths and even looked as a good experiment before you take up that new project or job. It’s a philosophy to perceive travel just not as a pastime but as a tool to learn a whole lot of new things in life.

Our team is trying to outline some of the destinations in Malnad region covered off Bangalore during our last trip. The experiences were plenty but we have tried to aggregate the best of them and document precisely. We did this road trip from Bangalore to give you all an exposure to the holidaying ideas that you could also plan for your next trip in Malnad. Every trip could be a unique experience and each season is so welcoming and soothing in Malnad region of Karnataka.

Day 1

We all departed in an A/c Coach Tempo Traveler of 12 Seats capacity. The Journey began from Indiranagar Bangalore, we had planned to get together at one of our colleague’s house. It was 6:30 AM and was really chilly morning in Bangalore. It was a welcome weather as we had anyway opted Malnad for trip heeding to its pleasant weather conditions. The vehicle was all set packed with our luggage and began our journey sharp at 7:00 AM after a cup of brewing hot tea.

We hit the Nelamangala 4 way which is popularly called as Bombay-Pune Highway from Bangalore. The roads were empty and our driver smoothly took us out of the town as we said bye-bye to our work and schedules back in the city life. It was a pleasant journey towards our first destination called Hassan. We connected from Nelamangala highway to Hassan Highway, all best quality 4 way roads. We reached Hassan at our accommodation stop which was a beautiful homestay around 12:45 PM.

We received a warm welcome from homestay staff with a glass of buttermilk/coffee. We just wanted that nothing else would have made us happy then. We stayed there enjoying all the activities, food and fun at the homestay and retired for the day.

Day 2

We started our journey to the coffee country of Karnataka, Chikmagalur after finishing breakfast at the homestay around 11:00 AM. The roads to Chikmagalur are superb from Hassan and we could reach Mulaingiri foot hills around noon for lunchtime. The more we drove in these regions, the less was the memory space on our cameras as we continued to click-click-click everything en-route which was just picturesque.

We reached Chikmagalur estate homestay which is again surprised us with a lot of amenities and things to do around. It was a reviving experience to have shunned our ipads, laptops and mobile phones and surrendered ourselves completely to the enchanting beauty of Mother Nature.  The coffee estate tour, trekking in the woods, waterfalls and playing in the stream brought back our beautiful childhood memories. Once we were back in the homestay we were given a nice campfire and concluded our day with a hot and tasty dinner. We all ate sumptuously and took a deep sleep at night.

Day 3

Our energy level was so high that we were mesmerized at the pace at which we were engaged in physical activities and sports. A sumptuous and filling breakfast in the morning reminded us that we need to check out and move towards our next beautiful destination in Malnad, popularly called as the heart of Malnad, Thirthahalli. We started off around 10:00 AM as plenty of our photography enthusiasts wanted to halt at places between the journeys for those picture perfect clicks.

The roads were bending and curving from Chikmagalur towards Thirthahalli but we couldn’t feel it as our eyes gazed at the magnificent estate and plantation landscapes in this area. We gave a brief pit stop near Balehonnur on the highway at a Café for a nice filter coffee. It was awesome to find such lovely place amidst the estates to sip a hot cup of filter coffee.

Our hosts at Thirthahally rang us asking what food we need for lunch. It’s a nice gesture of our hosts not to prepare something that they like but to ask guests before cooking anything. We all appreciated that attitude towards hospitality which we all love to enjoy. We arrived at Thirthahalli a small and very beautiful township on the banks of River Tunga. Started heading towards our accommodation which was just 10 Kms from the town. The luxury Thirthahalli homestay was nestled amidst the Areca plantations and made us feel relaxed.  Malnad cuisine across this region remains the same with plus or minus one or two dishes.

Day 4

It was time for turning our gaze towards Bangalore where there could be a lot of work waiting for us. What made us extremely happy was the energy level we all had gained with this trip and we were ready to even cut the rocks or lift the mountains given a chance. As we all started the journey our colleague Mr Ramesh gave an extremely helpful idea that we take Chitradurga highway so that we can do a stop at the fort and help relish some more magnificence of nature to fulfill our photography appetite. It was a nice suggestion as we all enjoyed this route and also got a chance to see the great fort.

We could make this journey with 7 hours with almost an hour pit stop for all recreations and food. We arrived in Bangalore around 8:00 PM and many were mulching the pleasant experiences we had during the entire trip. We took our time to document our journey and for more accommodation options or photos of Malnad you can contact our holiday experts.

For More Details visit:

Malnad Homestays and Resorts – To indulge the nature connoisseur in you

Holiday planning has taken an all new dimension and many travelers today are turning towards nature for solace and serenity experience. When the mood of several holiday planners is looking for a break amidst greener destinations, malnad has become like a blessing in disguise and a dream come true experience.

Many travelers who are not from this area would wonder what does ‘Malnad’ mean? And why is it so special? It is for a simple reason that Malnad is very famous because of its rich eco diversity and habitation of several flora and fauna species.  You would not find any place greener than Malnad in Karnataka and that is a blessing for the tourism industry as well.

Over the past couple of years several corporate and hospitality houses have started their Malnad resorts or homestays in these area. This is a positive move since then it has increased the number of footfalls in this area. Malnad is a vast place and comprices many district headquarters. It would be too naïve to call one district or one taluk as the core or heart of malnad. Every place in this region is special in its own way and people who have visited have their own opinions and perspectives. With this background we are introducing you to some of the holiday planners you can do and explore malnad in your own way because “Malnad always awaits your arrival” as the people from this area are well know for their warm hospitality.

Homestay accommodation in Malnad

  • There are different views to homestays and travelers’ perspectives. We are outlining some of the genereal features of a homestay and it is you who should explore and gain your own perspectives. There is a wrong notion that homestays are “cheaper resorts” which is absolutely irrelevant.
  • The homestays are hospitality service providers in their own way. They will be smaller operations and comprise less number of rooms and consist less occupancy rate. Coming to Malnad homestays, these are mostly located in the estates and plantation landscapes.
  • The host family lives in the property and guests are hosted by them. There will be a common kitchen and all the guests who stay for a holiday are served food in buffet style. These homestays serve both veg and non veg food and some are exclusively ‘vegetarian only’ places.
  • There are few which are located in the town as well, we are pioneers in consolidating high quality homestays in our listings and serving the travelers from past 6 years creating happy holiday experiences.

What to expect at resorts in Malnad Region?

  • Resorts are larger hospitality service providers in size and occupancy rates than homestays.
  • They will have an inhouse restaurant and serve guests in both Ala Carte and Buffet style offering multi cuisines.
  • The resorts in Malnad can have more number of rooms which means higher number of occupancy rate.
  • There will be Malnad cuisines served at few resorts along with the continental cuusines and in some cases the menu can be custom designed if it’s a corporate/group booking.
  • Resorts at Malnad can offer more activities and facilities compared to homestays and could be on higher side with Tariff. There can be government taxes for luxury and service levied. All these information will be shared to guests transparently at the time of booking.
  • Some of the resorts can offerspa, ayurvedic treatement, nature therapy, rejuvenation packages…

We have tried to outline some of the details pertaining to homestays and resorts in Malnad region of Karnataka. You can research on our website for tariff, facility, packages, room availability etc and choose the homestay or resort that can best suit your requirements. You can ‘Enquire’ availability of rooms for your holiday, total cost… and book rooms online. There is online payment gateway on our website to use your credit/debit card or netbanking facility to pay the package cost.

Homestays and Resorts in Malnad

Homestay in Malnad – You will love the way nature can touch!

Malnad region in Karnataka is a famous choice for those tourists and travel enthusiasts who love to spend time in the greenery. The word Malnad or Malenaadu is Kannada word meaning Male as Forest and Naadu as Land. In other words Malnad can be called as the land of forests. Yes it is apparent that Malnad region is full of greenery, river, waterfalls, hills, valleys, estates and plantations. People visit Malnad region to experience the blissfulness and rejuvenating power of Mother Nature.

Several thousands of travelers visit Malnad every from different parts of India and abroad to witness the magnificence nature. Those who spend their time working round the clock schedules and stressful projects can certainly find Malnad a escape to nature. The famous punch line of Travel Malnad goes like this Getaway to nature and unwind yourself. Yes, you can unwind yourself relaxing in the nature of malnad region.

Malnad is well connected in roadways and railways from all major cities of India. Plan a holiday in one of the homestay in malnad and relish the custom, traditions, lifestyle, cuisines, heritage… of Malenadu region. The first question that comes to the minds of travelers is Where to stay?whenever they are planning their holiday. In Karnataka’s malnad region there are many homestays and finding the right type package that can best suit one’s individual requirements can be tiresome. Though there are many homestays, the task of choosing a place with unbiased review assistance is made easy at Travel Malnad.

The speciality of homestay in Malnad is it is a perfect homely experience offered for the room guests. More than being a customer, the room guests are treated as host’s own friends and family. That tinge of warm hospitality certainly is going to make a lot of difference in your holiday experience as opposed to a highway side hotel. People come back to homestays sometimes not for sightseeing but to enjoy the warm hospitality extended by the host families who are natives of that area.

Added to all these are there a lot of sightseeing places in Malnad that can be explored by travelers. The places can be equally divided to parts as adventure, rejuvenation, natural wonders, entertainment… How would one plan an effective itinerary while coming to Malnad region? Well, as already stated, the holiday planners by Travel Malnad is appreciated and enjoyed by many travelers who are visiting malnad for relaxation and adventure in combo. Speak to the expert planner at Travel Malnad and learn more about the things to do and places to visit while staying at a quality homestay in malnad. Call 09480595888 for information about malnad homestays in Karnataka.