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Holiday is more often considered a leisure element in the hectic life of human being. Since its conception, Travel Chords team have worked towards giving different perspective for holidaying. Our stays and services are listed carefully to bring you the unique experience during your short/long duration holiday. There are several things to do in a destination even if you are visiting for a quick weekend break. Why do one travel to new destinations? Or visit a particular destination often? It’s simple, the mind has an ability to draw inspiration from small things you do on a holiday. It can be a walk near the stream or bird watching in the evening sipping a hot cup of coffee.

There are travellers who will call their trip as ‘complete’ only if there is adventurous activities on the list. We have awesome trekking trails for them, waterfalls trek, night safaris, rock climbing, river swimming, rafting, kayaking… The purpose of travel could be unique to every individual. Your bucket list would look weird to other person, but not us at Travel Chords. We have designed unique itineraries that has brought pleasure to different types of visitors. The gang of office colleagues, student groups, big families, meet up friends, bikers, driving club members, adventure club members, professionals.. have thoroughly enjoyed staying with us and using our itineraries. If you want to do a proper time management during your trip, our itineraries will come handy.

Unique Homestays and Resorts in Malnad Karnataka

 If you are a corporate company looking for your team building / outing expedition. We have designed several itineraries suitable for your requirement. Drop an email to info@travelchords.com and start conversing with our expert teams on whatsapp @ 9480565888. You can customize your trip planner as per your choice. All it takes is only a few minutes out of your precious time. We will do the necessary designing and booking work for you without wasting your time. And a guaranteed fun filled trip awaits you.

Redefining the ideas of holidaying in Karnataka

The holiday planners are not limited to just staying in a destination and sightseeing these days. The idea of vacations has evolved to different level with introduction of homestay segment. If you are a person who love complete customization of your trip then we have relevant stays with multiple amenities. Sightseeing is one part of holiday but to have a complete relaxation you need a perfect location with unique facilities.

TravelMalnad is serving the visitors with unique holidays since 2005. The stays listed under the portal are carefully chosen with their authenticity of hospitality services. If you are visiting with friends or family there are suitable stays for your requirement. The packages are also designed with options of add ons like trekking, fishing, jeep drives… You need to finalise on the dates of visit and we have all options available for your trip.

Recently we have added a lot of boutique homestays in Karnataka. Especially in Malnad region under travelmalnad.com. These stays are located deep inside the forest or estate regions with all modern amenities for a comfortable. They are located in such places from where it will be convenient for you to cover multiple sightseeing places. Planning a trip with travel chords holidays is quick easy with online support.

Homestays in Karnataka – Your home away from home

The boom in tourism sector has given a lot of homestays to Karnataka. The pro tourism policies of the government have been one of the catalysts along with a lot of private players to boost this industry. The homestays are one segment that has gained momentum over the years tremendously. The visitors of today are well informed and cautious while spending their hard earned money to explore a destination. The homestay concept is very unique with great features and hospitality offered for room guests with utmost care.

The guests at a homestay are interviewed recently from our company’s media and promotions team. We found out from 80% of the guests there that they were hard core travelers who always preferred staying at star category resorts and hotels. We asked a simple question why shift from choice? Their answer was straight; it’s solely because of the experience offered at homestays and living a planters/agriculturist life was awesome.

We offer a whole list of best homestays in Karnataka to compare prices and features. You can take a free quote online by filling a simple application and book your rooms without hassles. The repeated guests are offered more discounts and consolidated packages for their convenience. Weekends are normally running houseful at our homestays and we request you to take prior reservations well in advance to your travel dates.

Packages at Homestays in Karnataka

The wonder land Karnataka welcomes with open arms all travelers from across India and abroad to come and cherish the rich history and heritage. The connectivity to holiday destinations in Karnataka is very convenient and you could take any mode of transport and reach the place comfortably. There are many sightseeing places of interests which can thrill nature lovers, photographers, bird watchers and adventure loving people. A carefully planned holiday can have most of the places covered with better time management.

Travelers can take any major cities in Karnataka as their entry point and plan the sojourn including best places. However, each traveler can have a unique perspective on the holiday places and Karnataka can offer distinct packages that can please your tastes and preferences. There are travel experts like Travel Chords who could be resourceful in giving the itinerary and designing the holiday planner as per the requirements of travelers.

Holiday packages comprising all that you need are served by holiday service providers. It eases the stress of sourcing information and also taking reservations when you could be busy with your work. Share your requirements at Travel Chords and the customer support team will assist in getting quote and having reservations at homestays in Karnataka. The repeated users on the sites will also get flat discounts and you can save money. Now holiday planning is time saving as well as easy on your pocket as there are attractive discounts from Travel Chords for visitors to Karnataka.

Travel tips for visitors to Karnataka

The great grandeur, culture, history of Karnataka attracts hundreds of thousands travelers from across the globe every year. There are many segments of tourism industry and hospitality providers in Karnataka which are working round the clock to assist travelers and give them top class service for transportation, accommodation, food and adventure activities. Keeping these in mind we are trying to bring to the notice of travelers that it’s not only hospitality industry that takes responsibility of caring the guests but also you as a traveler caring the nature and biodiversity and respect the laws and terms and conditions wherever and whenever it is applicable within the ambit.

Few tips for travelers to Karnataka:

  • Carry sufficient cards, cash or financial safety for unexpected expenses.
  • Travel with as little baggage as possible (if you are travelling by bus/train or flight)
  • Keep binoculars with you. It will be useful for bird watching and also to spot animals at distance.
  • While trekking in forests or mountains, avoid too much camouflaged attire.
  • Book hotels in advance before travelling to Karnataka.
  • Plan your travel itinerary with travel experts like travel chords.
  • Compare quotes of accommodation online and then book. By this you may save on tariff.
  • Keep nearest hospital, police station, fire station, vehicle mechanic contact numbers of the place you are visiting.
  • Have your booking confirmation at hotels printed (travel chords always send you copies if you have forgotten)
  • Keep the area you visit clean.
  • Respect bio diversity. Do not disturb animals or plants.

How to book hotels at Karnataka?

This is probably one of the common queries in the minds of many travelers coming to Karnataka. If you are planning to have a nice experience of ethnicity and local lifestyle then you may choose to stay at homestays in Karnataka. These are places to try out the local or typical cuisines of the area you are visiting.

There are hotels in Karnataka that are segregated with ratings as per the guest reviews and stars given by guest at the hotel. You can rely on the rating system which gives you a fair idea about the place you are visiting. There are photos, tariff and facility section which help you have more idea about the hotel/homestay/resort you are visiting in Karnataka.

The above information provided is with a general perspective and the itinerary of travellers can be custom designed as per their requirements. More details can be accessed by logging on to travelchords.com or by speaking to our customer executives at 09480595888 / 09483856640. We recommend you to reserve rooms at hotels in Karnataka much prior to your visit. The last minute enquiries could create congestion and rooms could be sold out. Speak to our customer support team and plan your holiday in Karnataka.

Resorts in Karnataka – Holiday packages for this summer

Summer is coming and it’s time to look for cooler destinations as a retreat from the hot season. Have you visited Karnataka? If not try this summer in Karnataka, it’s green, cool and has many things to offer for travelers. There are hill stations, valleys, coffee estates, plantations in Karnataka and this offer a very cool climate for travelers who are searching for a summer retreat. The malnad region in Karnataka is more popular for its green terrains and cool climate.

Resorts in Karnataka is in themselves a holiday retreat for the tourists since they offer activities, adventure trips, therapy centers, spa. Those who are coming with their family will have a great fun spending time in one of the luxurious resorts of Karnataka. Nature lovers should choose stay in the malnad belt or Western Ghats region in Karnataka. The summer holiday packages in resorts are fun filled and with lot of features to rejuvenate the tourists.

There are several resorts in Karnataka and one needs prudent choosing capabilities to book a proper resort facility. The online resorts in Karnataka have given far superior facilities for travelers to have an unbiased comparison before making a booking. The portal like Travel Malnad are serving thousands of travelers every year in choosing a right holiday option and spending time and money in a much more worthier way. Book a holiday at Travel Malnad and get attractive holiday packages in Karnataka.

Homestays in Karnataka – Known for Best Location and Hospitality

The concept of homestay is unique and travelers will find the worth for the money they spend for their holiday. Along with maintain the luxury and hygiene the homestays are also quite known for their exotic location. The homestays in Karnataka are situated in the lengths and breadths of the state and closer to some of the major sightseeing destinations in Karnataka. These homestays are quite popular and liked by people from all walks of life. Being a traveler, anyone will love to learn about the local lifestyle and ethnicity of the place they are visiting. Homestays are a great opportunity for travelers known the place they are visiting in detail.

The main theme of homestays in Karnataka is to offer a quality accommodation in blend with warm hospitality and feel at home atmosphere. The guests at homestays will be able to learn the local food habits, lifestyle, culture, tradition and specialties. The hosts at homestay will share their experience and also help guests to do activities which they may be are interested to do. The homestays in Karnataka information is available online and travelers can plan their holiday sitting anywhere in India or abroad.

You can compare the Tariff and facilities offered by various Karnataka homestays and make an informed choice. The booking facility online helps travelers to sit at their office, home or at work place and complete the reservation process for the homestay selected by them. There will be detailed description of itinerary, travel routes, map… for the travelers. Those who need to speak to customer support team can call 09480595888 or 09483856640.

Resorts in Karnataka – No More Ordinary Holidays!!!

We all are travel freaks in one or the other way. Sometimes we have to travel to destination while heeding to the work call and sometimes we plan and go for a holiday. Though these two sounds as different scenarios, the time we spend should be worth the visit. Having said that let me brief about the need for holiday planner when we are going with friends and family. The first thing that comes to our mind for accommodation and food is ‘Resorts’. There are a good number of resorts located in some of the exotic destinations in Karnataka.

When you plan the holiday you need a resourceful person to be guiding or a resourceful website where you can find information. There are so many resorts in Karnataka and you might be overwhelmed with the choices. To help a traveler there are several portals which offer transparent access to the information and also feature to book resorts in Karnataka. As any other traveler I was also keen on getting the best place at a best tariff or quote. For me things were made far more easier with the suggestion of my friend to visit a travel portal dedicated to Karnataka called as TravelMalanad.com which has all answers for my questions.

The resort in Karnataka which are located in the remotest corner and interior are made easily accessible by the travel portal I chose. Thanks to the web media for making all the travel planning process simpler and quicker. I was deeply thrilled to visit Karnataka and the package had included activities like fishing, trekking, boating, coracle ride… My entire family planned how to spend their holiday effectively. We reached a place called BaleHonnur in Karnataka and stayed there for 2 days and visited coorg for 3 More days. All the places were very enticing and we did a lot more activities than the original plan.

Homestays in Karnataka in Southern India

Today the number of North Indians visiting Southern part of India for holiday has increased as opposed to the past. What could be the sole reason? Awareness? Cheap fares? Better Accessibility? Number of elements comes to the mind of a traveler. The most important factor is online accessibility for properties or destination that travelers can explore in Southern India. Those who are planning for a Holiday in Karnataka can plan the same sitting at their home.

Homestays in Karnataka are largely liked by travelers of today because of a sole reason that they can experience the ethnicity. The homestays offer you a better scope to understand the local tradition, lifestyle and cuisine. Also the feel at home hospitality provided by the homestays is an incredible option for travelers who are bored of same hotel room experience. These homestays are available at affordable cost without any compromise with the facilities.

How to book a homestay in Karnataka? The reason for skepticism among travelers during booking a holiday is obvious. They might have had a bad experience or wrong recommendations. It is always advisable for travelers to take well planned or tailored packages as per the individual requirements. To do so you require an expert advice. That is where Travel Malnad comes to your rescue in choosing the best homestay in Karnataka. The packages are custom made and are done only after understanding your specific requirements.