Unique holiday ideas in Karnataka – For nature loving travelers

Holiday is more often considered a leisure element in the hectic life of human being. Since its conception, Travel Chords team have worked towards giving different perspective for holidaying. Our stays and services are listed carefully to bring you the unique experience during your short/long duration holiday. There are several things to do in a destination even if you are visiting for a quick weekend break. Why do one travel to new destinations? Or visit a particular destination often? It’s simple, the mind has an ability to draw inspiration from small things you do on a holiday. It can be a walk near the stream or bird watching in the evening sipping a hot cup of coffee.

There are travellers who will call their trip as ‘complete’ only if there is adventurous activities on the list. We have awesome trekking trails for them, waterfalls trek, night safaris, rock climbing, river swimming, rafting, kayaking… The purpose of travel could be unique to every individual. Your bucket list would look weird to other person, but not us at Travel Chords. We have designed unique itineraries that has brought pleasure to different types of visitors. The gang of office colleagues, student groups, big families, meet up friends, bikers, driving club members, adventure club members, professionals.. have thoroughly enjoyed staying with us and using our itineraries. If you want to do a proper time management during your trip, our itineraries will come handy.

Unique Homestays and Resorts in Malnad Karnataka

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Culinary journey in Malnad region of Karnataka

When you are travelling to any destination for your holiday one of the most important query on your mind can be about the food at the place you are staying. It is more important for a memorable trip to have best food as part of the holiday package you choose to have complete itinerary. Many would assume that they can find the food as they travel and actually it may not be true when you are visiting an area like malnad in Karnataka. To try the typical Malnad lifestyle and culinary delights you must choose a nice homestay or resort at TravelMalnad. The home cooked preparations can be always tasty and special as opposed to typical South Indian restaurants in the region, which you assume to explore as part of your meals requirement on the trip.

A prudent traveler who love to explore the culinary delicacies of the destination they are visiting will not miss a place like Malnad in Karnataka. The region is home to several delicious cuisines that are originated from here and is famous all over Karnataka. If you are visiting Karnataka then you must cover Malnad Region in your itinerary because this is the place that hosts the best homestays and resorts as well as chosen for food safaris by different connoisseurs of food and beverages industry people every year on our travel portals.

Which are the special dishes of Malnad Region?

There are a host of names of dishes that bring a lot of travelers to this region. We have tried to mention only a few of them here. Some of the dishes are Akki Rotti, Kadabu, Kadamputtu, Benne Kadabu, Neeru Dosa, Halasina Kadabu, Pundy Curry, Aape, Hurli Kattu (Horse gram curry), Kotte Kadabu… There are other dishes which are seasonal and you must visit us and try all of them during those seasons.

How to choose your stay?

The Travel Malnad team has made it simple for holiday makers in Malenadu region by categorizing the stays for different experiences. You can choose from us particular malnad homestays well known for the best food services offered with authentic malnad dishes on their menu. Our travel experts can help you the best option as per your requirement.

Homestay in Malnad – You will love the way nature can touch!

Malnad region in Karnataka is a famous choice for those tourists and travel enthusiasts who love to spend time in the greenery. The word Malnad or Malenaadu is Kannada word meaning Male as Forest and Naadu as Land. In other words Malnad can be called as the land of forests. Yes it is apparent that Malnad region is full of greenery, river, waterfalls, hills, valleys, estates and plantations. People visit Malnad region to experience the blissfulness and rejuvenating power of Mother Nature.

Several thousands of travelers visit Malnad every from different parts of India and abroad to witness the magnificence nature. Those who spend their time working round the clock schedules and stressful projects can certainly find Malnad a escape to nature. The famous punch line of Travel Malnad goes like this Getaway to nature and unwind yourself. Yes, you can unwind yourself relaxing in the nature of malnad region.

Malnad is well connected in roadways and railways from all major cities of India. Plan a holiday in one of the homestay in malnad and relish the custom, traditions, lifestyle, cuisines, heritage… of Malenadu region. The first question that comes to the minds of travelers is Where to stay?whenever they are planning their holiday. In Karnataka’s malnad region there are many homestays and finding the right type package that can best suit one’s individual requirements can be tiresome. Though there are many homestays, the task of choosing a place with unbiased review assistance is made easy at Travel Malnad.

The speciality of homestay in Malnad is it is a perfect homely experience offered for the room guests. More than being a customer, the room guests are treated as host’s own friends and family. That tinge of warm hospitality certainly is going to make a lot of difference in your holiday experience as opposed to a highway side hotel. People come back to homestays sometimes not for sightseeing but to enjoy the warm hospitality extended by the host families who are natives of that area.

Added to all these are there a lot of sightseeing places in Malnad that can be explored by travelers. The places can be equally divided to parts as adventure, rejuvenation, natural wonders, entertainment… How would one plan an effective itinerary while coming to Malnad region? Well, as already stated, the holiday planners by Travel Malnad is appreciated and enjoyed by many travelers who are visiting malnad for relaxation and adventure in combo. Speak to the expert planner at Travel Malnad and learn more about the things to do and places to visit while staying at a quality homestay in malnad. Call 09480595888 for information about malnad homestays in Karnataka.