Thirthahalli Homestays Travelogue

We are a group of nature lovers and likeminded companions who travel to different locations in search of wonders of nature. Then we came across this tiny little wonderful taluk in Karnataka called as Thirthahalli. Well, to start with it, we need some introduction. This is a place ruled by Kings and Palegars and has some of the nicest historical places in and around to visit and spend hours watching the beauty of the architecture.

Since we were all with family members we do not wanted to take up any camping adventure in Thirthahalli. We would do it next time without miss because Thirthahalli has become our favorite destination now among the list of places. You would find this exaggeration but trust me we all planned for 3 nights initially but thirthahalli held us for 2 more nights and we pushed 5 nights stay at homestays in Thirthahalli. We switched from one homestay to the other in 5 nights stretch and had equally amazing food and accommodation experience at both the places.

The expert guide organized by our travel organizer, travel malnad took us for a long trekking inside the forests in Thirthahalli. It was a great experience all together and many of my friends in the team started making notes to write a detailed travelogue in coming days. We will be posting it on Travel Malnad blog section and you can start spreading the information to travel enthusiasts in your circle. There are many sightseeing places in closest distance from homestay in thirthahalli which makes your holiday more enjoyable. Keep warm cloths, boots, binoculars, cameras, sun caps, skull caps, sports shoes… while visiting Thirthahalli. For more information on Thirthahalli accommodation you can contact 09480595888 or 9480565888.


Nature Trekkers Team,

Thirthahalli Homestay Experience in Karnataka

Guest Name: Pankaj Arora
Place: Coimbatore, India
Holiday Place: Thirthahalli, Karnataka

I am a photography enthusiast from Coimbatore and I keep travelling within India and abroad. Last month I visited a unique holiday destination in Karnataka and spent a good 7 days of my holidays enjoying the nature, greenery, birds and rivers around. All these beautiful terrains are encountered in Thirthahalli, one of the most beautiful destinations of Malnad. I did a lot of photography alongside enjoying the activities, cuisines and locations.

Our team, I, my wife and my aunt had travelled to Thirthahallii all the way from Coimbatore. The journey was quite exciting and we all liked the better connectivity to the regions in Karnataka. We took the help of Travel Malnad who master designed our package with an attractive itinerary exclusively for us. This tailor made package helped us save a lot of time and energy as well as our money. The quick response and advice by travel malnad helped me a lot to visit a place which I had not even seen on the maps.

There are very beautiful and well maintained homestays in Thirthahalli that are located in scenic locations. A prudent traveler will take assistance by an expert at travel malnad and select the right accommodation type and package for the Thirthahalli visit. I came to know about travel malnad guys through my friend and was fully satisfied with all the service, care, information and overview rendered to us while visiting Thirthahalli.

Thirthahalli homestays have a specialty in their hospitality and it is witnessed by us since we stayed at two different places during our visit. They were very cordial and I felt I was at my home or my grandma’s home. I could access the kitchen as and when I loved to prepare my tea and these small courtesy extended to us was appreciated. The cook was also very friendly and took our menu prior to the preparation. Overall, the visit to Thirthahalli was one of my best holiday experiences till date.