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The holiday concept has evolved to a different level in the minds of travelers in this century. Today the guests look for a new experience each time they travel. Alternate holiday rentals are quiet popular for people looking for experiential holiday. Home stays are one such segment which are popular for their authenticity. Thirthahalli in Malnad region has several homestays for your comfortable holiday.

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Thirthahalli is a Taluk in Shimoga district which is close to the Western Ghats in Karnataka. One can visit Thirthahalli, Western Ghats and Coastal Karnataka as connecting destinations. They are around 1 to 2 hours’ drive distance from each other. Choose to holiday at homestays in Thirthahalli to experience Areca planters’ lifestyle.

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The hosts of the home stays in Tirtahalli are basically agriculturists. The guests will get to see the agriculture activities during their luxury holiday accommodation. TravelChords is the brand that boasts for creating trips and itinerary for people visiting Tirthahalli since 12 years. We have designed services after understanding the pulse of 21st century travelers. You can compare prices and facilities to choose the best option as per your requirement. Take a free quote with us online and choose a best trip that saves your time and money. Only best stays are listed by TravelChords and guests can safely book on the portal instantly. 

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The ratings service offered for users or guest who has already stayed at Thirthahalli homestays is a new interface allowing people to understand the amenities before booking. Why is it important to rate homestay for travelers? It’s very simple you would be helping a lot of other travelers to book the right place as per their individual requirements. Navigate easily to the type of homestay or resort you need and make an informed choice by comparing quotes online at Travel Chords.

Best rated homestays in Thirthahalli welcomes you to enjoy your upcoming holiday with your friends and family. Get holiday ideas from us and plan you itinerary effectively and travel to Thirthahalli with proper room reservation and holiday planner. There are different budget and facilities featured homestays in Thirthahalli. Comparing free quotes online assist travelers to make an informed choice while booking holiday.

Some travelers would be last minute holiday planners and need a reservation of room on a quick note. They are also updated with room availability quickly and help them reserve their rooms prior to their arrival. This service has helped not only travelers from India but those who are from any foreign country can communicate 24X7 with our customer support executives to book holiday. Book homestays in Thirthahalli with us and your second holiday will fetch attractive discounts. And future booking will add bonus points and more discounts on continuous booking with travel chords holidays. For more information contact 09480595888 and speak to our travel experts.

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The reviews of travelers and ratings after their visits to homestays in Thirthahalli certainly give an insight or an idea for the new visitor while booking holiday. We all know that the nature has a superb healing power on human beings. There are many homestays in Thirthahalli located in and around the area with quality accommodation and top class amenities that can best suit traveler’s needs. Get free quotes at travel chords and compare facilities before booking holiday using simple online steps.

You might be travelling from any part of the world to homestays in Thirthahalli and need a reservation of room, travel chords has a solution that you spend a little time online and finish the process. The reservation details will help you travel peacefully least bothered about rooms when you arrive in the destination. There is dedicated customer support team who also assist you to plan your itinerary and then book holidays.

Thirthahalli homestay packages are designed keeping in mind both small and big groups arriving for sightseeing, adventure or just relaxing. Tell your requirements and get an appropriate quote that can best suit your individual requirements. The booking could be done for the dates of your travel by not spending much time on the portal. The user friendly access to homestays in thirthahalli with detailed information has made several hundreds of thousand travelers return back with fond memories after covering all activities and sightseeing places. To know more about homestays in Thirthahalli contact 09480595888.

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Thirthahalli is one of the popular destination in Karnataka which is well known for splendid sightseeing places and literary achievements. There are many places of interests which have historical significance and ancestral roots. People who visit Thirthahalli will be mesmerized by the magnificent beauty of nature and other natural wonders which are surrounding the Thirthahalli region. You can find both historical and natural places to visit in thirthahalli.

While you drive on the NH-17 from Shimoga towards thirthahalli you will come across natural and picturesque landscapes. There are travelers who visit every year just to experience the thrilling nature around Thirthahalli. Travelers have homestays in Thirthahalli for accommodation and there are many providers of hospitality. Once your travel dates are finalized contact us to learn about the types of accommodation available and make an informed choice.

As stated earlier there are many homestays in Thirthahalli. It is good to take free quote from Travel Chords and select an accommodation and package as per individual requirements. The travel dates can be blocked and rooms can be reserved in the name of the traveler as prior as possible. Travelers can select the options listed in Travel Chords and contact by completing the enquiry form. To learn more about homestays in Thirthahalli call 09480595888 or 09483856640.

Thrilling Visit to Thirthahalli – As depicted by a team of Photographers

We are a group of photography enthusiasts from Delhi. When we had been to travel expo we had met Travel Malnad crew members who introduced us to the mesmerizing landscapes and scope for photography at the Malnad region in Karnataka. Our club members got enthusiastic and started towards this beautiful place in Karnataka called as thirthahalli. To be honest, we haven’t heard much about this little place in Karnataka and it is Travel Malnad team who made our travel planner simpler and smoother in booking while visiting the place.

I was speaking to the travel malnad team from Delhi and they never felt fed up of answering my queries and the out of the mile help they made was always remembered by our entire team. We all flew to Bangalore from Delhi and the day we landed as organized there was our cab waiting to take us to this gods own country called Malnad in Karnataka. We all were so excited that we never thought of wasting any time in Bangalore, We straight headed towards Thirthahalli. Roads were fantastic and the vehicle we went was also superb with a matured and friendly driver.

The day we arrived in Thirthahalli it was somewhere after post lunch and though we had travelled a long distance, the greenery around was relaxed us. We all literally fell in love with the beauty of the place and we start taking picture from almost the minute we left Shimoga and the stretch we drove between Shimoga and Thirthahalli was also Picturesque. We had our rooms at a homestay in thirthahalli booked to us be Travel Malnad. The place was selected and made specifically fitting to our requirement for Photography. Thanks travel malnad for knowing our requirements and guiding us the best place.

The area in and around Thirthahalli is awesome. It was drizzling and scanty sunshine now and then. But after a day stay in the homestays at Thirthahalli we turned to food addicts as much as we are photography professionals. We all loved the Malnad cuisine which earlier had explained to us by team travel malnad. It was mouth watering and some of us wrote down the recipe and you could also find few of them on Travel Malnad website at malnad recipe section. Totally the entire trip is memorable and we all are coming back to Thirthahalli this summer for more clicks.

Homestays in Thirthahalli – Best Packages

Thirthahalli, most popular destination known for having ‘Kuvempu’s birth place’ ‘Jog falls’ ‘Kodachadri’ ‘Agumbe’ etc. If we start listing the mesmerizing places in Thirthahalli it will be a never ending one. The town of thirthahalli has an appeal of a ancient township which R K Narayan has imagined as Malgudi Town. In fact the whole TV serial of Malgudi Days was shot at Agumbe which is 27 Kms from Thirthahalli main town.

Those who are coming to Thirthahalli have many options for their accommodation; there are homestays, resorts, guest houses… The homestays near Thirthahalli are located in the Areca estates and plantations. The typical malnad in Karnataka, Thirthahalli has villages that have the same lifestyle which was practices our ancestors in the Malnad region. There are many water streams, rivulets, sand beaches of river, falls… in and around Thirthahalli.

Homestays in Thirthahalli can be compared and booked online at travel chords from anywhere in India. The holiday service for those who are coming to malnad is designed exclusively to access genuine and best homestay services which are provided by professional host families. Those who love to spend time amidst the nature will sure find Thirthahalli an apt place. The sightseeing places in Thirthahalli are close by and can be covered even during the short holiday visit.

Homestays in Thirthahalli – Heritage, Ethnicity and Serenity at its best

The homestays in Thirthahalli are one of the ethnic portray of the Malnad lifestyle and cuisines. Those who would wish to relish the authentic Malnad cuisine or stay in a home that can offer the heritage experience should choose to book a homestay in Thirthahalli. The word Homestay or Home Stay is self explanatory that it will offer you a friendly and homely hospitality service. Thirthahalli is well distinguished as the land of literature, heritage, ethnicity and moreover as the Malnad region in Karnataka.

Those who need to take a break and find a nice place to experience the serenity amidst the green woods of Malnad can choose to visit Thirthahalli. This place is a township in the Shimoga district and is nestled on the Tunga river bank. The beautiful terrains of Thirthahalli make it one of the hot spot of tourist attraction. There are best homestay in Thirthahalli that offer a good opportunity for travelers to experience the blend of adventure and rejuvenation.

Where are these homestays located? The answer is quite clearly explained in the Travel Malnad portal. You can locate these homestays and book them as per your individual requirements. Homestays in Thirthahalli are well connected with roadways from the major cities in Karnataka. There are many good homestays that offer a memorable hospitality service and travelers can book any of them online using the booking process at Travel Malnad.

One of the major reasons for visitors this part of Karnataka is for rejuvenation and adventure. Places like Kodachadri, Kavaledurga, Kundadri, Agumbe offer a good chance for one to indulge in adventure. Added to these features in Thirthahalli there is a religious side to the township. Religious places like Rameshwara, Shakatapura Mutt, Ambutheertha, Rambapuri Mutt, Sringeri, Chibbalagudde also attract a good number of travelers to Thirthahalli.

Hotels and Resorts in Thirthahalli

We all are aware of the places like Kodachadri, Jog Falls, Kuppalli, Agumbe… in Karnataka. These are some of the best places that can allow travelers to enjoy the nature’s wonder. The valley, falls, greenery, thick woods, flora and fauna… comprise the places in malnad region. We are trying to introduce you to one such place well known for natural beauty in Karnataka. Now there are quite a good number of Hotels and Resorts in thirthahalli.

Where can travelers find best homestays in Thirthahalli? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by first time visitors to Thirthahalli, a tiny and wonderful township in Karnataka state. You can shop for the best hotels in Thirthahalli at Travel Malnad, your holiday partner. You might be looking for a weekend getaway or a long duration of Holiday that you have at your disposal, you can spend both types of leisure at Thirthahalli. This place is a perfect blend of adventure and rejuvenation that any traveler will expect for their holiday.

Hotels and Resorts in Thirthahalli can be booked online using the travel malnad portal. There are different standards of accommodation that you can expect at homestays and resorts in Thirthahalli. There are budget to high end hotels that can best suit your individual requirements. You can compare quotes or tariff and the facilities offered and make your informed choice before booking your holiday. Best nature experience is guaranteed for travelers visiting Thirthahalli.